Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Diary of an Intern by Rachie: Day 2 "The Google Spell Checker"

Stephie had a blond moment yesterday and, I guess, today it was my turn. "How do you spell Gina?" This question was in my head for a good minute, is it "Jenna", "Jena", "Gena"? I could not think-they all seemed wrong (at least I knew something), so I sucked back my pride and whispered the question to my fellow intern hoping in vain none of the feature writers on my team heard me. She tells me "G-I-N-A". Oh my. How very stupid! I knew that, that's the name of the lady who sung 'Ooh Ahh Just a little bit' (Gina G?!). What kind of (wannabe) journalist am I? When have you heard of a journalism undergrad who uses Google as a spell checker, who also cannot spell bloody Gina? Well, urm...Hi that's me, yes me over here! The Google spellchecker. I realise I am not as confident as I thought I was, especially working alongside professional journalist and interns who are uni graduates . I feel intimidated, is that really bad? I feel like I do not know what I am doing and have absolutely no confidence in what I am doing (though I doubt I am doing anything wrong). This is what I want to do as a future career but I ask myself, can I really do this? Maybe this has something to do with my young and naive 19 year old mind trying to work along side those who are experienced in the field and fearing I will fail.

This is quite an intimate post, no idea what has come over me. In general being an intern at Drapers is not as bad as I feared. Stories of making tea and coffee for everybody are non-existent at this publication (thank God-I make crap tea AND coffee. Ask Stephie). My fellow interns are great and its so fun working alongside them, much more relaxed and easy going. Although my friendly interns has told me bad stories of past experiences at certain publications. I now know what to avoid-but desperate times call for desperate measures, as long as it looks good on paper right? Hopefully tomorrow I get to help put together and write little bits for the 'Indicator' section for the next issue! This is what I wore today (apologies in advanced-photoshopping is poor, and I have yet to find a good place to take my 10 sec timer photos!). Also, seen as smart/casual is not that bad, I have gone back to wearing my gold chains. Phew!:

Shirt: H&M (£14.99), Skirt: H&M (£9.99), Belt: Primark (£2), Pumps: Primark (£6). Deary, my wardrobe is a H&M/Primark warehouse! (but I like what I wear so I do not give a dam)

P.S I want to avoid making my posts full of photos...but out of curiosity-does anyone actually read what we write, or is it mainly the photos you concentrate on? Comments please! I hope everyone reads what we write, and if you are new to Leopard Print and Lace, feel free to read old posts (^_^)! And thanks for the comments, they are definitely picking up and I get very excited when I read that so sad? This is like my new Facebook.

P.P.S I get my Emap photocard tommorrow...EXCITABLE! I get to swipe. Swiping joys!


ellie said...

cool pic..and a fun read too.

Anonymous said...

love that skirt and love that background i wish i was motivated enough to do that

btw i tagged you

elisabeth mccoubrie said...

you internship sounds exciting!!hope its all going well,plus i love that high waisted skirt :D

She's Dressing Up said...

I read and look at the pics!
I always use google as a spellchecker, its so much easier than opening word or finding an online dictionary!
Love this outfit, the checked shirt is so cute!

Rachie-Pie said...

emma-wow thanks u actually like my background!

yeas intern is fun fun i get to writeee (finally)! and thanks to all who read and look at my snaps!

ray said...

hey.just discoverd your blog. and i did read what you wrote!love the outfit pic too.v cool xx

FashionSqueah! said...

I read what you guys write AND love to look at your pretty pictures. Some other blogs I just look at the pictures, but I read you guys! Back to name necklaces I totally know some girls (like you, obvs!) can rock them, but you know you've seen them on the chavs! My city is over-run with them lols, loving the blog though, glad I found it...or you found us?

fashion* CHALET said...

Navy & Red together is my favorite combo!!! :) Well done ♥

rohit said...

nice to read
keep it up

donna AND navaz said...

I like a mix of words and pics but not too much of either! Oh, and don't worry about being un-confident, everyone has those moments - we do even now! That's why you're learn! Believe me, knowledge is power, just learn as much as you can!

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