Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Diary of an Intern by Steph: Women and Home - Days 1&2

Oh god.

This may be a good time to say I don't have a job, nor have I had one before (although I notoriously worked selling kitchens on the phone with Rach for approximately one hour before walking out). But I just cant take it. I get home from Southwark at around 7pm with the blackened hands of a Dickensian orphan (from sorting through newspapers and laying them out prettily for Madam Editor), have dinner and then lie down, and don't get up.

I cant even be bothered to eat junk food. How do people have lives AND jobs? How? I am in awe of them. Well, anyway. Day One. It is a tradition of mine to get lost wherever I go, and this time was no exception. Still, I was early so I managed to be there half an hour before I was meant to, good in an intern I think. My favourite part of the day so far is doing the post. Someone called Tracey gets a lot of packages and invitations to shop openings. I wish I were Tracey.

My trademark blond moment of the day (and one day I'll enlighten you on my top 10) was being asked to get the editor a skinny coffee of some kind from the cafe...and then forgetting what it was and having to guess. She hasn't asked me to get her another one, so I'm guessing I got it wrong. Sigh.

Today I had to transcribe some interviews and I have some gossip: Jan Leeming, of 'I'm a celebrity...' fame...talks shit. She said there was no fashion or magazines in the 40s and 50s!!!! Hello, Vogue? And if not Vogue, then The Lady has been dragging itself onto shelves for the last hundred years. As for no fashion! Pah!

Who else? Oh, some actress whose name I don't recognize or remember used to pee in the the days when they shared the bath...and she was first. Yes. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't share that in an interview. Also, there are cool things hanging around magazine offices. Like Westwood. And Creme de la Mer. I want it. But if i stole their £100 moisturizer they wouldn't want me back. I have to remember that. Tomorrow...I'm going to assist on a photo shoot! Woo hoo! I'll tell you how it goes. Now I'm going to collapse on the sofa.

P.S. What do I wear!?
P.P.S How do people with jobs go to the gym????


Sugar Pop said...

good luck and congrats!!!

FashionSqueah! said...

I actually laughed so hard at "the blackened hands of a Dickensian Orphan", nice one! Congrats on the internship, things like that are so rare for those of us outside London (I assume you guys are in London?) can't wait to hear about the photoshoot!

Stephie said...

Ha ha thanks! Yep, Londerners born and bred!

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