Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Diary of an Intern by Rachie: Drapers Day 1 - "An Attempt at 'Smart/Casual'"

You may or may not know this, but Stephie-Pie and I have got internships at magazines and today was our first day (Click Here to read our struggle). Woo. Stephie is at Women & Home for the week and then she will be joining me next week at Drapers, where I am undergoing my first ever magazine internship (Hopefully more to come!) For the next two weeks or so we will mostly be posting a sort of daily diary as an intern: "The diary of an intern". With, of course, any interesting snappy snaps of outfits. Please do not get too confused if you see two 'diary entries' in a day because one will be from me and one from Stephie, and maybe more posts actually - if we have anything non-internship wise to say!

Meeting Stephie on the Tube, magazine where she will be an intern in hand.

I don't know how many of you guys out there have heard of Drapers, but it is basically a weekly Fashion and Business trade magazine with fashion jobs, trends and news. When I first got my email conforming my placement I was a bit vary as to what 'smart/casual' actually meant (Read this). Today I tried my very best to be this smart/casual Rachie - as you may have noticed I'm not that kinda gal. I didn't want to lose "me" when attempting to dress smarter and opted for a sunshine yellow skirt. Well I say skirt, but it is another one of my 2-in-1's - it is a dress I nipped and tucked into a high waist pencil Esq skirt. It is bright and it is me. I was...urm...the most vibrant dresser today but I did not stick out too badly. In fact, no one looked overly smart. This is good as I can basically dress how I normally dress. There was this one girl in this lovely Topshop multi-coloured paint splatter romper and a gold chain - you go girl! I toned down the yellow with simple grey tee, black tights and grey pumps (which also had an inkling of Rachie's style via the gold chain detail). I had to tone my jewellery down too. Sob. I went for small twisted gold hoops and two (one is never enough I tell you) gold name necklaces - simple yet effective (you know my name biatch!)

Earrings: H&M (£1.99), Necklaces: Argos and Tatty Devine (£20, Present), Tee: Primark (£2), Acrylic belt: Primark (£2), Dress/now skirt: H&M (£20). This snap does no justice for me or the skirt - trust me its cute!

Pumps: Primark (£6), Various Lino Mats : Mother's Private Collection

When I got to the offices I was a nervous wreck. I'm not very good at small talk nor am I good at making lasting first impressions (I know, how am I going succeed in the world of Journalism). I waited in the very lush Emap reception (talk about comfy chairs!) for the features lady and when she arrived I held back my nerves as much as possible, and said "howdy partner" (well...that would have been cool but I said ''Hi, I'm Rachel" with a beaming smile. Blah.) I was given a quick tour around the building and shown my desk. Woo a desk. I met another friendly intern and she informs me another is working tomorrow, more people my age yay! So down to business and talk about throw me in the deep end - phone calls straight away. Yikes! I know this is the only way I will learn and I am greatful for being given a proper task on the first day. I was procrastinating for a good 10 minutes after a run through of my task because I was, basically, scared of the phone. The only thing to do was listen to the experts and copy them. My task, by the way, was to help compile data for the weekly 'Indicator' section of the magazine - The topic: Young Fashion (my forte?!). This task reminded me of the dreadful days working in a call centre trying to sell kitchens, but an easier, less stressful and more fun version. This is what I done all day, I called around 60 stores and only 13 took part in the survey. Time went so fast, maybe a 9-5 job is not that bad after all? The toilets are quite nice. I have a thing with loos in buildings. But it is no way as nice as the ones at Disney, where I done a week's internship in the PR and Mrketing department. Although Drapers has a cool hand Dryer. More 'Diary of an Intern' tomorrow! Hopefully Stephie will start hers! xoxo

On another note:

Skirt: H&M (£9.99)

I thought I deserved a treat after a 9-5. Well, hello, I'm 5 minutes away from Camden. I got this navy high waist cotton skirt. I fell in love with it straight away, its adorable. And the buttons are cute too. I know it has a slight resemblance to my UniQlo top which I made into a skirt, but its has a totally different personality. It really does.

Also, my sister has finally made that skirt out of that barginlicious material. But trust me, I was not the one with the whip in hand as I thought I would be-she was in control all the way. And a bloody perfectionist. Geez, it was fine the first time. And I got a good smack in the knee for "not standing straight." I feared to say anything back in case she decided I did not deserve a skirt. For £2 worth of materials this is definitely a yummy bargain. Here it is:

Excuse my Lollypop head

I'm too lazy to photoshop. This snappy snap does not depict the full detail of the skirt, or the fullness actually. Its way more puffier!

Close-up. Fluorescent Floral Print. Me Likey!

My new obsession: Skirts. Dammit!


Anonymous said...

both are super cute both i love the blue one at the top

WendyB said...

Great floral print skirt.

annah said...

oh, i love this!!

did you have to line the material?

Rachie-Pie said...

im not too sure, my sister made it..it has a under layer though...!

Stephie said...

Ya, balenciaga-fied!!!

Hanna said...

I love the blue skirt! Anything with covered buttons is inherently adorable and old-timey, in my opinion.

gem fatale said...

Aww I love that h&m buttons skirt. I tried on the red one (they didn't have the navy one in my size) but it didn't really do me any favours in my beer belly region. Haha.
Ps - I got my buttons from a Car Boot sale in Brighton, but I think the guy is there every week.

bear said...

the yellow and floral skirts are yummmy!

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