Thursday, 29 May 2008

The adventures of Hanger Girl: aka Steph's intern diary: day 3

I've been to one photoshoot before, for Sugar magazine. Let me tell you, it wasn't so professional. The clothes were on the floor, makeup and hair done on the arm of a sofa, and a general lack of order and control.

Today was differant. So after getting lost (as usual) on my way to the studios in Batersea, I managed to find my way there against all odds. On time. And with the help of the TFL journey planner and an A-Z. What a hectic time. For those of you reading this who think the day of a fashion stylist is champagne and parties think again. I have never had so much to do, and so little time to do it in. BUT I learnt a lot today. RULE ONE: Don't take the tags of the clothes. Well, I did. This is how the incident went:

Steph bites the label off Brooks Brothers shirt (there were no scissors). Steph places label on table top. She picks up next item, then says to Gilly-the-Stylist:
"Do you want me to take the labels off all of these?"
Gilly: (looking outraged and irritated) "No! You never take the labels off!!"
Steph: "Oh. Okay..."(Steph slowly and inconspiciously reaches out and grabs label sitting in plain site on table and hides it in skirt waistband)

I swear, for the next hour while I waited for her to discover my crime and eat me, my hands did not stop shaking. Then we she disapeared somewear I artfully (not) tied the label with its plastic stringy thing into a buttonhole and prayed to the universe to spare me. And it did. So, to recap, NEVER TAKE OFF THE LABELS.

The shirt that almost ruined it all. And it's $135.

Another thing I learnt is to bring redbull/coffee/amphetamines to all shoots in future. Becuase when it gets to 3 and youve been working non stop since 10am, you get tired and when you get tired you start doing things wrong. I put the wrongs clothing/shoes/jewelry into the wrong return bags (which could of cost W&H a lot of money). And I kept doing it. Gilly-the-Stylist would say "Hobbs shoes. They go into the Lee PR bag." And into the LK Bennet bag they would go. I'm sorry to say that I was a slight liability, I was getting so panicked I was doing it wrong, I made it worse. So, rule number two: Stay Calm.

Rule number three is: Don't pass judgment. You think the outfit looks like a lawyer at a funeral? Don't even think about saying it. Don't even say you dont like it. No-one cares. I have a tip too. Its a lot of work, you have to unpack all the clothes and stuff (20 bags of them), hang them in sections, lay out the jewelry and shoes and help the models with zips while hanging the clothes back up as fast as they hit the floor. But freelance fashion stylists like Gilly don't have assistants because the magazines won't pay for them. They have to do all that themselves, and a lot more. So if you want experience, offer your assistance for free. You'll be building up your CV, making contacts and learning all at once! Plus, they get caterers to do lunch, and its nice! I offered my free services to Gilly, but as I was self admittedly a liability (Gilly: "Only at the end!"), with this being my first real experience of it, I doubt she will be taking up my generous offer.

Although at least I didnt lose a £800 bracelet like last weeks intern apparently did. Ha. Oh, and she gave me two free tickets to the Vintage Fair which will be in Chelsea and Hammersmith, on the 8th and 15th of June. If you want, I'll give more details. Or as much as I can anyway.

Fun fact: Gilly once worked at Harpers as Fashion Editor where Anna Wintour was her assistant!


rohit said...

nice to read
keep it up

Jello on Springs said...

I probably would have taken the tag off too and then failed miserably at hiding it though and yikes $135 for a white blouse!

Rachie-Pie said...

haha! tis funnyyy!

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