Saturday, 27 March 2010

Journey to the East

With the lovely ladies Laura, Kayta and Sarah. Bitches from all over the world:

Yes, I am a lady, and I am not ashamed of a bit of sweat. No point in partying if you want to keep that face of yours fresh and purrrttyyy!

In the words of the aussie: "Dancing concentration and the 35 degree pout"

Guess what kids! In about 60 hour's time, I will be on my way to Goa. GOA! I would have never thought India would be one of the places I would visit in my lifetime, and just because of that, it feels awesome. From a random conversation between my BFFS and I about Goa and its amazing beaches (as seen by Vashy-Bashy's dad) to BOOM. LET'S GO GOA! One month later. Tickets booked.

I am so nervy about the whole trip. First of all: British Airways and their bloody strikes. LUCKILY our flight is still going, albeit with alterations to the usual in-flight services (no biggie for me as I will be out like a bulb, slurring, dribbling, in and out of consciousness, popping as many pills as possible without know the usual shizz that comes with severe travel sickness...yeah, no fun for anyone, least of all the sufferer..ME!) The whole build up and worry of our flight potentially being cancelled was all too much strain and stress for my over sensitive heart shhesshhh! When we finally found out our flight was AOK, which by the way, was only yesterday SMH KMT, the weight lifted from my chest was unreal. Only now I can feel slightly excited about our 10 day trip. Hot Damn, listening to this track put me right in the mood:

I am really excited to visit "Wax World" in Old Goa, I know for a fact this will be quite funny especially as it is known as India's version of Madame Tussauds. The quality of the wax models won't be of the same standards (I'm guessing the soon to be released RPATTZ waxwork model won't be hiding out there either...), but I did not think the wax models would look so SCARY and like they are made of plastercine:

Photo description: "There is a statue called 'say no to drugs' which shows you the side effects of taking drugs and this really brings the concept to life" shit guys. Fucking hell, how scary does this look?! I am sure this man will have a starring role in future-nightmares of mine. At least he has this season's denim on denim trend on lock. Look at that needle. Shit. And he is smoking Shisha (or Hookah) bahahahahhaha!! I must take a picture next to Mr. Pill popper.

Oh, and check the sign out, Comic Sans font was my main bitch for many teenage years:

Jokes aside, for 30 Rupees (45p - what a bargain) this is a must see experience! I am sure it will be very educational.

I am also looking forward to eating A LOT of ice cream. I am talking the fresh shit, not the sugarfied, artificial flavouring stuff we get over here (even if it taste bloody good) :

As exciting as it all sounds, this has yet to happen, soon but not yet. I now have the stress of PACKING. OH HOW I HATE PACKING. The last trip to Paris was a mad dash, I am talking packing 2 hours before, and that was pick-a-clean-pile-of-clothes-and-dump-in-suitcase style packing. It doesn't really work in my favour. I have to be serious this time round. I need to buy some last minute goods tomorrow, not looking forward to that as it means: Shopping on a Saturday in London. Quite possible the most horrible experience EVER, and not to mention, kids on Easter Break. FML. I have no one to blame but myself.

I was supposed to be giving my slack 4GB, poor excuse of an iPod, a spring clean as the memory is 0 and I am currently bored of the same songs getting shuffled, but I am typing this instead. This needs some love too *blog page hug*. Downloaded lots of golden classics from my secondary school days (that's where I met the BFFS) so we can reminisce, and disturb the peace in Goa. Yeah Booiiiii. I might even throw in a booty shake and pop on the beach. BAHAHHAHAHAHA what a sight, but if it makes the girls laugh, I guess it will all be worth it...!

On a last note, le preview:

Been wanting to post this for AGES (still not sure if I can, but errmm...our secret??) Hopefully good news will follow this :-)

For now, Au Revoir, S'Laterssssss! Will be back soon. Stay posted, happy reading and excuse my typos. I am too tired right now..

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A the Great said...

Got-damn! I love your closet!!! FSF 4 life!

Shannon | Kid From The West said...

my god the shoe collection is SICK!
one dsy you will wake up and your
lovely shoes will be gone...
i snatched them, hehe
well have fun on your vacation.

xoxo shannon

Amara said...

Dope picture and your collect is sick.
Do you have sneakerplay?

Emy Augustus said...

rach! you're alive!!!! i think i unfollowed u on twitter cuz for a while u were never on. brb following again.... whoa. shoes. all urs??

Martha said...

shit, that's a lot of shoes
hahaha love it tho <3
Have an amazing time in goa :)

Stephyy said...

sick picture! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

second photo down who is the guy at the back in the red hat???? choonge!

burcu d. said...

great pics, but the last one...AMAZING closet!! don't know what to say! love your shoes!

Anonymous said...

LOOOVE Your Sneakers. My collection is MUCH (!!!) smaller, so i'm kind of jealous!!!

kimee said...

that is ALOT of kicks

Yani London said...

That has to be the sickest collection I've ever seen!
I'm a sneaker fiend from London.. I've just started up a new blog - - It's so nice to see other girls who collect sneakers like I do!
Would it be cool if I did a little feature on my blog using that picture, obviously I would be writing the post about your blog?
Yanina xxx

Yani London said...

Also, my email is : [email protected]

miss said...

Cheers from Spain!

Anonymous said...

Hey - Just randomly found ur blog & im havin a nice read (hope u dont mind lol)
Great collection but I was just curious what kicks ur rockin? They look like retro 3's to me but I havent seen any *genuine* ones in that style?
Would appreciate if you could let me know (fellow kicks fiend)

Anonymous said...

Ignore my question.. I see on closer inspection they the fresh from 85 spizikes. NICE btw! Bless! :-)

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