Monday, 29 March 2010

For Now, Its See You Later Alligator

Just my hand luggage, I wish I was travelling that light.

Seriously, my suitcase is a biggie...I am sure it weighs over the 23kg. There's not even that many clothes, just bloody sun lotion! 3, OK maybe 4 bottles (weighing in at 200ml each..hmm...) of different types of sunscreen. I don't want to get sunburnt, precautions just in case. Plus I spent a lot of mullah on all that so I want to make sure I actually use it!

Oh, and, I am only travelling with one pair of Nikes :-D. Can you believe it? I can't, getting kind of worried, might sneak another pair into my hand luggage. One pair. Sigh. The lucky pair are the Moire's that has sneaked into the photograph above; they are the lightest and most comfy kicks I own (and only £15 WIN WIN WIN).

Need to zoom off now to finish getting ready and sort my suitcase out (last minute as usual). I will be going for full hearty meal, of Nandos, with the girls in a bit. This will be my last meal for the next 24hours or so, as I cannot STAND aeroplane food. The smell, the taste, even typing about it makes me feel like puking.

LAST MINUTE NERVES! I feel sick. This must be the only time my body is rejecting Nutella toast AND a cup of tea. Something is seriously wrong. Follow my twitter, @SuperNoodleRach, and you will follow my journey up to the airport bwahahahah!!

Goodbye London, Goodbye internet! Off to Goa, I GOOOOOO-AAAAAAA (bahahahhahahaahh pun intended)


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Alixanne said...

Have fun :D

Winnie said...

Have an amazing time!!c

fhen said...

have a great time dear!
make sure to share the story/pictures!

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