Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Vans x Beauty & Youth: Velvet Pack

HOW HOT ARE THESE. Vans have teamed up with Japanese brand Beauty &Youth once again to create this sick collection of velvet Authentics. The burgandy pair are too much for me! Don't think the velvet uppers will cut it with the stupid British weather, but they would look so SO pretty. Available on Beauty & Youth United Arrows now, which is pretty useless to me because it is all in Japanese. I doubt they will be available this side of the sea, meaning I will never get my hands on a pair. Yeah, that sucks major bumbum, but go ahead and admire the greatness.

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jewel said...

i have been hankering after both vans and velvet for the past gajillion years.
english weather sucks. i am so in love with these shoesss!
x x x

Anonymous said...

the black ones are amazing!
I've been wanting to buy a pair of vans for a while now

much love

StyleCake said...

OMG I want those!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I had a blue pair just like these in high school in 91 or 92. I've been wanting to replace them for the past 5 years. Where do I buy these? I NEED THEM!!!

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