Friday, 8 October 2010

Cakes, crows and continuing on...

I haven't written anything here for a shameful amount of time. Here's an update on my life.

Still editing this (actually a little while ago I did my biggest interview so far with Matthew Williamson - almost wet myself but he was lovely and adorable and talked to me in a fake cockney accent):

I became a real grown up (but I still freak out whenever I think about it like that) and moved out of my mum's house to trendy Brixton:
With a front room complete with wall art copied from Elle Decoration (we're that kind of house):
Celebrated my 22nd birthday by wearing a sheer top to a extremely posh ice cream parlour in Fortnum and Mason:
Tried to make Macaroons that went horrendously wrong:
Made a black forest meringue cake that went pretty well (if I say so myself):
And had a pet crow for two days after we rescued it from the road after being run over (that's my housemate Ailsa for you):
We named him Colin.

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