Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tumblr: Super Noodle Rachel

I joined Tumblr. Another platform for me to share stuff that interest me, which may or may not interest you. I even re-blog words of wisdom just because it is so simple on tumlr. But, please forgive me if all these quotes sound so emo-ish, I can assure you I am not depressed/heartbroken/sad/etc, I might just like the way it reads. I will definitely post images of eye candy, just to save space on my hard drive from all the right-click-saving that I so often participate in.  

I have yet to find a perfect theme. They annoy me, especially when the borders refuse to match up with the images. I want my tumblr to look like the photograph above. In due course, I'm sure.

So JOIN ME! Above is a selection of what is already on my tumblr-blog-thingy. It really is a lazy person's blog.  But it is fucking fun. And fucking addictive. So, check me out, make a tumblr, follow me and I'll check you out too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is this your collage?
I really like it! :-)

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