Friday, 12 March 2010

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce ''Telephone''

The Beyonga Diva Machine strikes again! This has got to be the most reblogged music video at the moment, so I guess throwing one more 'Telephone' video post out there won't hurt anyone. I just want to say I pretty much love it. Spending 20 minutes of my life watching it twice must count for something. Well, maybe 20 + minutes as I did rewind the dance scene (7mins 43 secs) a few times over to take in the Americana theme at all its glory. Oh, how I adore American flag printed goodies. Head over to Ms. Hood and Proper's blog for a hefty Pros and Cons breakdown of the video, because like always, she will break a "HA!" out of you, or at the very least a smile, with her words of wisdom.

If not, stay here for the next 10 minutes and watch the video (again, because I know you would have already seen it) then drop me a comment telling me all that is great about these two fierce bitches!


COCO PINE SWEET --- said...


It's a cute vid, I LOVE the news reporter the best tho ('two ladies on the run in a pussywagon' hehe) but I think everyone hyped it up too so when I watched it, it was like o_0 but more like o_o nice!

still the hotness tho!!!!

Miss Carmel said...

'once u kill a cow; u gotta make a burger' lol

liked da was tooo weird!

Kara Sudoku-Mishap/musikseven said...

Thanks my beeeaatch for tha luurrrvve lol!!!x

JaHaute said...

O My Gawd! Brilliance! So i live in the middle of the middle ages her in damn Paris - so i havent seen the video. So yes this was my first time - gasp

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