Friday, 12 March 2010

One Day by David Nicholls: A MOVIE?!?!

There are reports flying around suggesting that Jim Strurgess and Anne Hathaway will be starring as Dexter and Emma (Dex and Em <3!) in an adaptation of David Nicholl's romantic novel 'One Day'. Although I only read this book last year, it has already made it into one of my all time favourites. I cannot rate this book enough, JUST READ IT AND FALL IN LOVE WITH THE STORY, THE WORDS, THE CHARACTERS!!!! I really hope the movie lives up to the book, which in most cases it doesn't *ahem Twilight*. The Dex and Em in my head doesn't really look like Strugess and Hathaway, I'm just glad I read the book beforehand so even if the movie is bad, Strugess and Hathaway won't taint how I imagined Dex and Em to be!

One Day is not a book I would usually pick up and read, mainly because it doesn't have the standard theme of death, murder, mystery, crime, serial killers, investigation, "Who did it?", "HUH! I would have never thought he was the murderer" - you know, the typical crime of passion novels - that I would look for in a book. But, boy I'm glad I read it! Never before has a book evoked so much mixed emotions from me through the play of "Dex and Em" as 'Best Friends' who one day realise that they are meant to be. Yes, this does sound corny as hell, but unlike Nicholls, I don't have a way with words which makes a cheese-fest sounding story turn into a witty memorable "I wish this will happen to me on day" love-fest story.


Casey said...

I haven't read that book, but I totally feel your excitement! One of my favorite books ever might be turned into a movie starring America Farerra, and I'm half excited half terrified!

Cheryl T said...

Emmm rach going through your blog and came across this!!! I have been telling everybody to read this book!!! Thought I was lone fan! absolutely one of my favourite books ever!!! It's so well written!!!! def not a cheesy love story.

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