Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Designer Big Macs and a Calvin Klein ad

I saw some of these photos ages ago and then promptly forgot about them, but I just came across them again (while gorging on internet food-porn - I just saw a s'more pie that I will be making at some point very soon) so I thought I'd post them because I love them.

These were styled to promote a high end fast food pop up shop for fashion week (you can read more about that at EatDrinkChic) and let's just say I would feel a lot less guilty about going to McDonald's if it came like this.

This one is my favourite though:
And the Gucci fries....

You're hungry now right? For a cheeseburger AND couture.

In other news:

So hungry.


Shannon | Kid From The West said...

Why are you doing this to me!
God damnit im hungry right now... D;



Rachie-Pie said...


Chris-TEEN-ah said...

I don't know about the fast food but I would sure make a meal out of any one of those guys.

lovesherjzz said...

it's seems like tasty!!!!

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