Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Come and join me. I like porkie bacon and porkie sauages, spoil me with tea, spoil me with jam toast - don't forget to butter before you jam - spoil me laughter, spoil me with witty banter. And then maybe, we could do lunch?


Mina said...

lol breakfast looks like a lot of FUN!

Joezehh said...

dammit, now i want some breakfast foods!

Winnie said...

Butter before the jam? Now you are the nutty one haha. I need to stop skipping breakfast and make some real food!

COCO PINE SWEET --- said...

I saw on ur fbbbbbb! u look that cute n happy at breakfast!? blah u cow, im all like 'give coffee or get the beep out of my way', i like the colour effect on it too!

Alixanne said...

This is so pretty!
I want jam heart toast..

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