Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Red for Luck, Red for Love

Happy Chinese New Year guys! Hope you all had a good one. If you are out and about in London on Sunday (21st), be sure to hit up Chinatown to watch the dragons dance, eat (overpriced) street food and maybe bump into a relative or two so you can receive your lucky red envelopes (...with money inside durr...)

If that isn't enough to lure you in, maybe you will bump into me looking out for my relatives ;-) and eating the overpriced satay chicken, fishballs with chilli sauce and some bland chow mein. The vibe will be unreal, because you know how the Chinese do it! They will impress, and impress you more, like we do every year.

Wear red to keep within traditions because it is lucky :-). I wore red on 14th specifically for the first day of CNY, but it just so happened that the date coincided with Valentines Day. People must have thought I was THAT sad, corny and cheesy to wear red for the day of love. *PUKE*. This is one of the only red tops I actually like and own, so I guess I will have to recycle this outfit come Sunday 21st. Oh, and its not clear in the photograph, but check out my watch ring! Its like a mini Casio. Love Love! Time keeping is a must.

*Following in the footsteps of Stephie, I have opted for right alignment of the picture over my usual center, center, center. Breaking a habit.


Stephie-Pie said...


Winnie said...

Love the ring and the red! Wish I was in London for CNY. Brum had a mini festival but I heard that it was just some stupid lion PUPPET. Gahhh rubbish. Glad I didn't go and was too busy stuffing my face with chinese food at my grandmas!

Crumz said...

Your mickey ear ring is sooo cute! I like your nails also. If you into nail art please check out my blog at www.astrowifey.com! I do unique nail art.

Ella said...

the ring's really cute happy CNY!!

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