Monday, 15 February 2010

A New Job and a Shameless Plug

So as of this week I start as Blog Editor of Woo!

This morning when I was looking for stories to post I discovered some things.

Peaches Geldof (who I seem to mention a lot on here... what is up with that) is trying to start 'Cray-Cray'. As in 'crazy'. As in, 'Peaches Geldof is Cray-Cray'.

Also, Paris Hilton doesn't have a friend who will say 'Dude, your dress is totally see-through, maybe don't wear it with a thong on stage in front of a lot of people and cameras'. And also, 'Paris, you're a bit drunk, let's get you off that stage and into bed.'

And apparently Kate Middleton is stealing my dream of opening a cool bakery. Except mine will be in Covent Garden or Manhatten. To be honest though, if she becomes queen she wins hands down no matter where her shop is. Even if it's in Hackney.


Mina said...

congratulations!! on the new job... hmm I cant picture myself using "Cray Cray" never say never eh??

carmen said...

hi guys!! im new in your blog, i really like it. im trying to read all the old posts, think they are quite interesting (sorry about my english, i try my best) i used to live close to london and you just remind me this kind of style that i really love it!! here in spain its quite diferent, im looking forward to back to uk.. well.. just to let u know that u got followers everywhere!! xx

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