Sunday, 14 February 2010

Alicia Keys Feat Beyonce - Put it in a Love Song

I feel like such a pervert after viewing these candids recently posted on Idolator from the shoot of Alicia Keys's new single, 'Put it in a Love song' featuring Beyonce. I feel more like a pervert because Beyonce's body looks banging and I can't help but stare! Jeez. Jeez. Jeez. Hardbodied! Ms. Key doesn't look half bad either. Filmed in Rio de Janeiro, these two diva's work, work, work it in their their tribal/carnival inspired gear.

Not overly keen on the song, but I'm still excited to see the video...well, any video with Beyonce featured really.


Anonymous said...

Waaah Bey is wearing Boxing Kitty garms. LOVE.

Ally said...

I love their African outfit in the picture where they are together ♥

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