Sunday, 14 February 2010

Alicia Keys Feat Beyonce - Put it in a Love Song

I feel like such a pervert after viewing these candids recently posted on Idolator from the shoot of Alicia Keys's new single, 'Put it in a Love song' featuring Beyonce. I feel more like a pervert because Beyonce's body looks banging and I can't help but stare! Jeez. Jeez. Jeez. Hardbodied! Ms. Key doesn't look half bad either. Filmed in Rio de Janeiro, these two diva's work, work, work it in their their tribal/carnival inspired gear.

Not overly keen on the song, but I'm still excited to see the video...well, any video with Beyonce featured really.

2 comments: said...

Waaah Bey is wearing Boxing Kitty garms. LOVE.

Ally said...

I love their African outfit in the picture where they are together ♥