Sunday, 14 February 2010

Insa: Valantine's Gift to Deptford

You all know I have a soft spot for tacky stuff, especially with fake double C's. If I could afford the real deal, I would be all over it, but I can't at this moment in time. Maybe in 5-10 years. Maybe if my mother is feeling particularly generous. Or rich. Maybe if I win the lottery. Maybe if someone sent me some Chanel goodies. None of this is likely to happen anytime soon, so I am happy to stick with my Chanel "inspired", big fake double interlocked C prints on oversized tees and admire the hot-tacky vintage "Chanel" earrings my sister picked up at some jewellery store in NYC. It only makes me that much closer, not far now guys, not far.

Graffiti artist Insa (y'all remember those bad ass heels that were featured on almost every blog right?) has just completed a 38tonne piece named "Heartfelt" on a train in the middle of Deptford. LOOKS FUCKING SICK! Prints of THE DOUBLE C'S, GUCCI G's and LV's on upside down hearts (aka juicy bumbums), all over a train carriage! Hot damn, I love it. From Insa, with love:

Check out Insa's blog and follow him on Twitter. Whilst you are at it follow me (Super Noodle Rach) and Stephie (Stephie Pie). Just a suggestion, you may as well seen as you are logged in anyway...


Anonymous said...

i LUV stuff like this! rarely do i get to see random street art, as opposed to the horrible grafitti every few steeps here in NYC
-phil ;)

Shamz Le Roc said...

i LOVE her work! dope stuff

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