Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I do apologise for the lack of love shown on this blog by myself and Stephie (shes a busy bee!), but glad to know that people are still checking up, commenting and reading it! And that a few more followers have been added :-D.

I have no excuses for this but the fact that I have been, to put it in a blunt English term, waste! I have been doing nothing productive for the last few weeks, a few disruptions has interfered with my flow of life, and in all honesty, it has been a bit of a bumpy ride. Change is good right? Well I hope so, and I hope that things will start looking up very soon.

After University finished, I really did not know what to do with myself, and still don't. University finished, I quit my job, got a new one in a Nike store (yep, still in retail), changed a few things in my rather routine-life, chilled (maybe a bit too much), stopped writing on here, stopped trying to take outfit pictures for y'all, stopped replying to comments, stopped working on this blog - which I have been doing for the last couple of years...all that hard work to get the blog "out there", just for me to stop so suddenly (a waste of all my hard work spent on the Internet, I'd say). I had some money left over from student loans and decided to go on two holidays - Portugal and New York - and was this close (-----) to going on a third to Sweden for my birthday, but that is a no-go now, as those holidays have left my ass kind of broke. The lovely cities made me a bit too 'lax in life...ha ha, and made me generally lazy and feel that life will be better in these cities doing absolutely nothing but chilling on beaches, shopping, networking, soaking in the sun, sleeping on the beaches, eating ice creams, eating icies, and having fun. Yeah, that is not reality, London is my reality, and back to London I go. Changes happened, things effed-up, things are still effed-up...but it will all die down soon, hopefully. I deserve that much.

Anyway, I am just being all emo right about now. My ass is so lazy, if I'm not working, I just sit in bed letting my mind wander all over the place. One of my besties is moving to Nepal for 2 months -shes going to live in a mud house, and come back with plumbing skills ;-) - and I am going to miss her ass so much. Stephie is playing the journalism snakes and ladder game we mentioned right at the beginning of our blog: clicky here for a memory refresh, and shes on her way up, slowly but surely :-D. Whereas, my butt is getting snake-bitten. BUT, I am trying to get my flow back in motion. I am on team-productive, from this post forward! I give you permission to slap me up if I fail :-). This is just a random post, nothing interesting really, but have some patience, and bear with us, hopefully my game will be back on.

I am going to be 21 soon, in just over two weeks. The last of all my friends to hit the big 2-1.

Currently listening to J Cole - Lights Please:

Currently missing dressing up (NYC, July 4th 2009):

dress up

Currently missing eating Icies in New York:


Currently missing New York:


Currently missing doing muscle-man poses on beaches in Lisbon, Portugal:


Currently attempting to finish Breaking Dawn, the last in the Twilight saga. I have been so waste, that even my love for Twilight has not movitated my ass.


Jahira said...
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Jahira said...

Ahahahha!!! awwww, ur gona miss ma ass!!! bitch, for the lasst time i AM NOT gona live in a mudhouse!!!!! Dont worry, I'll still remember u after the two months, after all who's gona take advantage of all my plumbing skills.... oh yeah, and look after my newly fresh husband....;D

Kay said...

oh nooooooo u went to NY & i didnt meet up with u!!ahhhh i was in the city that day too ! & yes twilight is amaziiing!!

Nathalie Snip said...

awesome pics

Lilee said...

i love leopard print and lace! (L)

danDan said...

ohhhhhh girl... EVERONE is going thru this kinda stress in one way or another... forward movements please.. xxxx

Winnie said...

Aw I missed your posts. I know what you mean about being in a bit of a limbo. You'll find something and for the record, since leaving uni I am still in retail...but I am starting back at uni come sept...so who knows what the real world will bring?

Jealous of you going to NY again! I want to go back!

Coco Pine said...

aw cute! but you know as ur letting ur mind wonder and all that jazz, please think of what u want for ur 21st pres, im not even joking im clutching at straws and i will stalk to until u give me some sort of answer.....

yea missy yea!

musikseven/Kara Sudoku-Mishap said...


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I was I was like you and could go on vacations lol I need to get a group of friends and do that cause it seems like a lot of fun, How's working at Nike going? I know your loving the discounts lol

aw the pics of you and your friends on the beach is so cute! lol

Rebecca said...

i hope everything is ok at home! and the holiday sounds like a good break! love the photo of you dancing in portugal, and hope to see some post soon!!! xxxxxx

i have to been on a lazy stage because of things, trying to pick it up now, strugling

Adela said...

your outfits are So cute! =)


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