Thursday, 23 July 2009

The end of an era and the start of a new one

And two days after Rachel graduated, I did too! (You can't see that well but I totally matched my dress to my hood)Please don't watch my white legs. People always say 'pale is beautiful and interesting' but it doesn't stop them fake tanning like there's no tommorow does it? Do you like my shoes? They are the highest I own and not easy to even stand in, so obviously I had to wear them to walk across a stage in front of thousands of people. But I didn't fall over, so score for me! Because I am a massive sap, I am already in mourning for the carefree days of university. Now I'm

In good news, I have an actual real life paid job! It's at The Nod, which is a new fashion website where you can follow what celebrities like. For example; want to know where Vera Wang likes to eat? Go here. Or need to know who's been wearing the newest Balmain studded skirt? Go here! It's really interesting, and especially useful if you're writing about a product/person and need more info. Not that I'm promoting. Ok I am a bit.

I'm so lucky, one of only four people in my class to have a job so far. It's a bad, bad place for journalists right now. If you need proof, this was meant to be my last week at Catwalk Queen but on Friday the company behind it, Shiny Media, went into administration, and for now, Catwalk Queen is no more. It's weird that it's gone, I read it all the time before I worked there, and now it's not there anymore.

Also it's really strange to have nothing to do...not that I don't like it! But it is. Thankfully I have my books to be getting on with. You know how people always have their 'thing'? Like one of your friends will be the one you go to to borrow shoes, and another will be the one to ask about eyeliner, and another one will be the shopping companion (that's Rach), and another about cooking or famous unsolved murders (I'm not making that up, fashion blogger Holly is your girl)?

Well I always seem to be the one that gives advice, and I may seem a bit full of myself, but I swear if people did what I suggested, their lives would be so much easier! So I've resolved to write a series of self help books on different subjects, all with humourous undertones. I'd tell you more, but I think I'll copywright the titles first.


Frock Around the Clock said...

I love your dress! Nice to see a bright colour worn for a graduation. Congratulations to both of you and I tagged you! :) x

Strutt said...

Ah so we went to the same uni...
I really like your dress. I wish I had worn one instead of a plain old shirt and skirt

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