Monday, 4 May 2009

What's the Next Move??

me me me

Its been a hot minute hasn't it? I do apologise, but I've had a bit of a chillaxing and 'give something back to the body-and-mind temple' time this week...because, unless you do not read anything I write/moan about, I have had last year of university deadlines up to my eyeballs and now its all over!! No more deadlines for difficult university essays/thesis's/dissertations again, EVER! No more readings from the likes of theorist Chomsky, Baudrillard, Aristotle and Kant...who all aimed to make the future generations suffer through their works and thought process, no doubt. Now, I can choose to read who and what I like, for whatever reasons that pleases me, which as for now, is the magnificento Twilight Saga. Please do not get me started. Just know, I love and forever will...

But, all this free thinking time, has left me pondering what the next step is...whats the next move dudes? I know this may sound a bit stupid, but I feel too young for my backside to be kicked out into the big wide world! I'm only 20! I can't believe all the steps of the UK educational system has been completed, and after being in education for like 17 odd years, I now feel lost. Should I relax for a bit and then get serious, or should I get cracking now? Or should I try and find another part-time job, as my current work place has no over-time hours, and earn some money before I attempt to find more internships all over London town? I am back on board with the lovely ladies of M.I.S.S. Crew, but how about the rest of my free time! Should I like...get a hobby?? Maybe exercise? I just want to do something with my time which does not include spending the cashmonies I am trying to save up for my two upcoming holidays (I think I got a wee bit exited...) So many questions which all leaves me perplexed grrr!!

But enough of about my morbid thoughts on life and the like!

This is (one of) the LAST TIMES I will see the university library with my uni chicas! We couldn't have our lake party/picnic due to the lack of time...but it should be happening soon! No more deadlines, no more unwanted burdens. We will be coming for you jobs (Hi there...HIRE US), watch this space!

uni lot!

Before everyone thinks I was being an eager-beaver for wearing a dress to university, I did have a reason! It was my homegirl Sade's (aka Miss CoCo Pine) big 2-1 birthday celebrations on the same day! We went to a Mexican restaurant, which uses pork from Sussex and cheese from Lancashire, called Wahacca in Covent Garden. We had to wait forever for our 1 and a half hours! I didn't even finish all my food because I had stomach pains, but we had a good time nonetheless. Some pictures for your observing eyes:


stef n sade

me and stefon

For once, a picture of Stephie-Pie and I together!! A rare sight on this blog indeed! Stephie found a book by Judy Blume called, 'Just as long as we are together', which focuses around two best friends called RACHEL & STEPHANIE who have know each other since 2nd grade! This is the exact same as me and Steph!! Odd huh?? If this is fate; our future already written through the words of Blume, Steph and I, must never befriend any chicks called Alison! Fate...or is it just plain coincidence due to our common names?!

Last week, I received a surprising email from Shannon of Urban Start, which is an online street wear and lifestyle magazine and community, based in the Netherlands. Shannon informed me that they wrote a feature post on me! haha, I couldn't believe it! I'm really not that interesting. I seriously thought they didn't know who I was, even though I have been an avid reader for a very long time! There are a lot of 'OMG' comments, thanks guys ^_^! I really appreciate you putting my mug out in the Netherlands ;-D. As you might have guessed, my dutch, like my Cantonese, is rather sketchy, so I can't read, let alone understand, what the cool dudes wrote. Stephie, however, did manage to do a dodgy Internet translation which told me the article basically says,

"Today, having a blog on the Internet really a hype. All day people write regularly about their lives, eat what she was wearing that day, etc. Well-known examples include and Now I last saw a very nice blog of a chick gemaamd; Rachie-Pie from London. Her blog is called "Leopard Print & Lace" here she writes about different things, but most are of course talking about fashion. This chick makes her cute / tough looks on the streets of London unsafe. Check her blog"

Check the post here, and do not forget to check the rest of the website! Language should be no barrier when it comes to checking out fashion and great websites, you should know that! We should all learn from Hello Kitty, because she has no mouth because she speaks from the heart and is not bound by language ;-D haha!

On to the aforementioned M.I.S.S. Crew! You guys all know I am a contributor to this online magazine, and I thought I'd let you know about the new, revamped and drastically transformed website!

M.I.S.S. decided to celebrate its 3rd birthday with this makeover, and I love the new look! M.I.S.S. has gone for a much cleaner, more sophisticated and, dare I say it, mature look! They are normally associated with all that is fun, wacky, colourful and cool - all of which was reflected though the old website format. But, just because the in-ya-face funkness is gone, the inner M.I.S.S. flair is still evident through the posts, style of writing, content, and of course their famous, monthly featured 'Nails-Did to Match the Kicks' calender editorial. No one does nails as hot as M.I.S.S. does nails, check this month...DENIM nails?! Come on! CRAZZYYYY cool :-D:

Another reason to be excited for the M.I.S.S. make over is the new, easy to navigate website. It is now easier to find your favourite stories, as well as, simpler for Gabriella and Liz (editors and founders) to place prominence on special, stand-out and/or proud pieces from the M.I.S.S. archives! And finally...the long awaited CONTRIBUTORS PAGE! Its so nice to find out more about your fellow contributors, to put a face to the words written! Mine is up too...I wished I picked a different picture now, total dweeb:

Now guys, be a sweetie and check out the new goods! Show you love ^_^, click here!! Click it!

P.S. I just want to share my shame and disgust for Britain's Next Top Model...actually Britain's Next Top Glamour Model is more fitting. Why do I hate it so much?? Mainly because in the first four weeks of this sham of Tyra's show, they have only carried out photo shoots with lots of cleavage outfits, ED HARDY CATWALK (PUKKEE!!), kissing shots with both boys and girl-on-girl action and of course butt naked shoots. What is this?? Where is the high-fashion editorial 'smile with your eyes' photo shoots that ANTM and Tyra are so fond of??!! This is an embarrassment.

PPS My profile views counter is still frozen. geez FIX UP BLOGGER.COM


sandraaa_xo said...

BNTM is such a fail!
you look so pretty in your dress.
aah no more uni, usually i'd say relax but looking for a job is a good idea consider the economic blah blah blah :)

stephyy said...

Your lucky you are done school! And I congratulate you again :) must be awesome to be done with school...FOREVER! at age 20! Girl I just turned 20 lol! I say for a little not too long just relax because once you hit the road for your job career and all that you'll never have time for yourself again lol Im exaggerating of course :) I've always wondered how to write for like other blogs or websites? Lol maybe instead of me studying for fashion merchandising I should try journalism lol it would be fun writing for magazines and all, ok enough of my long comment haha! :)

Ty for the bday comment btw <3!

KB said...

Lol lucky you, I still have 2 years of uni left (though the placement year isn't so bad, if a little vague) and I'll practically be 24 wehn I graduate...scary. I'd rather be 20 again. Well done on getting featured on that Dutch site, it's even more amazing that you can understand Dutch. I was wondering if we could exchange links, you blog takes pride of place in the 'Individuals' section of my sidebar. Good luck for the future, hope it involves lots of writing.

Coco Pine said...

birthday time! and yes I shall pretend u put pic of me on net w.o blocking my face lol

I miss the old M.I.S.S tho (if im honest) but ur right they still have their flair

You are free from Kant, Aristole etc, I hate you :(

Emy Augustus said...

first of all, this is my favorite outfit of yours. yellow is my fav color and I SO want a bright yellow cardi like that. awesome dress too.
2nd of all, i love judy blume and i vaguely remember that book and THAT IS SO PERFECT. aren't u guys special. (the main book i remembered by her was called 'Blubber' I think... bleh i know i've read others... even more ironic, in that book u mentioned, i think one of the girls was asian too)
and 3rd, what u wrote about hello kitty, i quoted that line on a post on the hello kitty MAC makeup. =D i thought it was kinda stupid.

LIKLE P said...

Good Times.
Good Look
Good Life.

Well done babe xoxoxo

Rebecca said...

your hair getts better on every post,
it looks so shiny and lush on the first photo!
im in love x

Winnie said...

Woo hoo! Free at last huh? I had the exact same feelings when I finished last year...and now I am going back to uni. Lol...I can't quite believe it myself!

Well done for being featured on that dutch website!

Anonymous said...

good youre back! that dress is so pretty!

Winnie said...

Oh my god. I went over to that blog and I want a HELLO KITTY MAHJONG set! I can't play though so I'll have to get my mom and grandma how to play it properly. I will I will!

Ashley said...

Congratualations on finishing Uni! I finished Uni at 20 as well, with a Multimedia Design degree, but find myself with my dad being a program consultant....


But I was in the same boat of where to go, WHAT DO I DO WITH MYSELF?

Get AS MUCH experience as you can. In EVERYTHING that interests you. :] But maybe give yourself a litttle break first, before fully gearing up for internships and more parttime jobs!

And I LOVE your yellow cardi with that dress! So punchy! :]

Hanh said...

You are done school,yah...congratulation!. You look great on your dress. Good luck on your life!

Jazzle Dazzle said...

duuuuuuuude congrats! and also with being featured on an international site, you're making it big missy! And I totally understand your rant about Britain's Top Model, it's similar down here too, the Australian version- they strive to put the contestants through hell, I think only Tyra should judge the damn show, other countries just simply don't do it justice. goodluck for the future hun, always know that you got a talent of journalism, your blog is dope & so are you xx

rio tapatio said...


You finished uni, I am so glad for you.! It's a great accomplishment. Unfortunately, the schooling system in the US doesn't work like yours quite does, and I won't finish for another 2 years, but esta bien, I'll live. :))

Freakkkin enjoy life a little, I'd say you definetly earned it. Maybe explore some of the things that interested you that you never really had the time to do. &&then get your bizzz crackin and putting your wonderful writing to use.! :))

xoxo. rio

LANA said...

Love your nails, everything mint is pure love to me anyways haha!
And love your outfits girl!

Noshabelle said...

Wow, love your dress!! And you are so lucky: DONE WITH SCHOOL!

yiqin; said...

Wow, so lucky! But I am dreading to start work too acutally..

Emz said...

Oh that's such a cute floral dress! Congrats on finishing!

Nana said...

And I'm not even done with high school yet! you're so lucky, congrats!
Your bag is so cute! and your friend's blue nail polish is awesome. XD

Harlowe-Marie's Mama said...

You are sooooo cute! I love your style it's really unique. (:

Frock Around the Clock said...

I'm so jealous that you are free of education! I've got another year left and then postgrad stuff (hopefully) and training contracts and such - eek! I would say have a couple of weeks being a lady of leisure - don't throw yourself into the real world too quickly! :) x

Kandace said...

First of all you and your friends are totally adorable. Secondly Congrats on graduating! I can't wait to graduate next December but I'm totally terrified of the real world. Yikes! Anyway I'm sure you'll find something to do. Look at all the awesome press you're getting all ready. And I wanted to let you know that I'll be in London from August 9-23 we should meet up :)

Noshabelle said...

Thanks babe! He he

C.Chico said...

love that dress!

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