Friday, 8 May 2009

The day is finally here...

The dissertation is in:

Look how pretty it is!

Although not the best £30 I’ve ever spent, but oh well. And now university is actually over, unless I’m selected to come in on June 8th to have an oral exam about my dissertation, so they can make sure I didn’t cheat. Which I really wouldn’t appreciate, since that’s my birthday. All that’s left now is graduation (assuming I pass, of course...)! This means a quest for a nice outfit to go under a black, pink and purple gown. I'm so excited; we only graduate from university in the UK – at school, we just kind of...leave. I get to wear a mortar board! Yay! I'm thinking a dress, although we have been ‘advised’ to wear a button-down blouse...yeah...sure...pah.

I loved uni, probably more than anyone I know, and I’m really going to miss it. Over the 3 years I was there, I really grew up and I made some friends that I now couldn’t live without – when they say university are some of the best years of your life, it really is true. It helped that mine, London College of Communication, within University of the Arts London (also home to London College of Fashion, kinda like our more famous and prettier sister, the Hilary to our Hayley Duff if you will) is amazing. Well, I think so anyway, especially in terms of the opportunities it gives us, plus working on a paper is a really fun way to earn half of your degree. It helps to be right in the centre of the industry you’re going into, which LCC really is. We get high profile guest speakers like Rebekah Wade (ed. of The Sun) and Max Clifford and then things like this happen! Incidents like these are why my friend Ailsa is my journalistic hero.

I heart LCC.
But that’s enough sentimental rambling about uni, especially since it's probably only brought on by my current emotional state and my dislike of change, because God knows I moaned about it enough the last three years. In job news, I managed to get an internship at Catwalk Queen, which I start on Monday! I’ve read it for a few years and I'm so excited to get to work there! I’ll be there for about two months I think, which means I’ll be there over Graduate Fashion Week – exciting! I wanted a new look for my new job, so I’ve gone for some subtle metallic lycra:

I know what you’re thinking. You're thinking, ‘That’s a bit too casual for the office’. But I think I’m making it work. Don’t worry, I'm kidding. In closing, is it wrong I kind of like this?

Photo via here. Apart from the nipple tassles of course. Also, is she wearing pants?! Probably not. Glad to see she left her cup at home though.


LIKLE P said...

Now go and 'av a drink.
Relax let ur hair down

dance till the moonlight

yiqin; said...

GREAT outfits!

MR style said...

j'adore lady gaga

fhen said...

i'm so gonna miss my school to when i graduate and yeah life phase and change is never stopping.
love lady GAGA!


Winnie said...

Oh well done on finishing...the disso looks great (it's such a great feeling when it's all bound isn't it?)

Also well done on the internship!

withasianstereotypes said...

I love the outfit darling, and everything looks perfect congrats.

KISS, China L.

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