Sunday, 26 April 2009

Probably the randomest post in the world

So, first draft of the dissertation is in! Whoop. At some times, I never thought I would write that sentance. But I have. Now I have to wait for next week when I will get it back and (please no) probably have to rewrite the whole thing. Urgh. This also means I am coming ever closer to..gulp...the end of uni. Nooo!

This means that I am now on a mad hunt for a job, preferably not in Covent Garden juggling saws if I can help it. However, it's not all panic and essays. I got to go to the ASOS press day last week and I'm very excited for their A/W stuff, especially a boned sheer pink prom minidress. Want want want. As well as the usual cocktails and canapes I got a rather nice top in the goody bag, from their new Black range. Here's a pic, just for Rachel:
I have also recently tried the geek chic glasses fad, but I must say I'm not convinced. See me here giving the look a farmer spin. My friend Ailsa however loves them, and it was funny to see her walk past another MALE fashion victim wearing the exact same glasses in Regent Street today. In fact, I hope it takes off because if everyone starts walking around in Clark Kent glasses it will be hilarious.

In beauty news I had forgotton the miracles that is the diffuser. See before hair:

Oh, why yes, now you ask that is Colleen Nolan, former Nolan Sister and TV personality. 'Cause, you know, we hang out. And this is The Hair when diffused:

A big difference, no? Unfortunately the hairdresser did this, and I doubt that I will ever muster the patience to recreate it. Also, my hairdresser - who used to be a celebrity hairdresser and therefore knows People In The Know - told me some gossip! You remember this Agent Provocator ad campaign with Peaches Geldof?

Apparently they used a body double at the last minute! Yes, they allegedly photoshopped her head onto another girls' body. Poor Peaches, what a blow to her oversized ego that must have been. Then again, I guess it won't matter if we all die of Swine Flu. Although personally I'd hoped I would die of something more interesting, that would at least make the news. A freak shoe avalanche maybe?


LIKLE P said...


DESO hand in iLIKE

erm yer

i WATCH loose women

*Hangs head in shame*

Nana said...

Thank goodness my mom is a hairstylist cause I would be bankrupt LOL. Idk who Peaches is but that is definitely a blow to any person. So much photoshop. Prolly in a couple of years we won't need people. Like the Band Gorillaz LOL

Coco Pine said...

The hair diff is major, and you already know how much I love it, andu didn't inform me u met the loose woman, woman!! Cause that's just how u roll?! lol
Peaches, blurgh, of course they did!! I just can't believe they chose her to help them sell more undies!

Frock Around the Clock said...

The diffused hair looks amazing - The original is also pretty though! If you do end up working in covent gardens you just have to practice shouting "WAIT FOR IT! THIS IS THE BEST BIT COMING UP RIGHT NOWWW!!" Thats all they ever say - the next bit is always the best bit.. and it never actually is :) x

fhen said...

the hair looks great!
peaches got photoshopped? oh how sad! i thought it was really her body

Angelakatee said...

following ur blog ! its heaps good, thanks for the comments :)

Winnie said...

The hair is awesome...and I had no idea that Peache's body was photoshopped! Haha!

Robynne said...

Thats crazy! They photoshopped her in?! Haha I think i would be scared of that snake too though..


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