Friday, 6 February 2009

UK Bitcheesss LISTEN UP...

BTW when I say "bitches", I am not using it in a derogatory manner, its just a word that my friends and I always say, so its kind of stuck with me now. I mean it in the nicest sweetest way possible ^_^!

I don't know how many of you have signed up to the H&M newsletter, but me being the obsessive compulsive H&M shopper that I am, obviously has. Once in while you do get nice things in the emails and today I got this lovely coupon attached today! 20% off people!!!! That is almost like a staff discount!

As I am one for the bargains, and always find some sort of scheme to get better deals - I realised that: A) this coupon has no barcode...B) nor coupon number...and because the catch is you can only use it on one item *GRRRRrrrr*, I hatched up a plan. I decided to print 10 and hit up the H&M at Westfield Shopping Centre for a shopping coupon experiment. I found 3 items, took each item to a different till, using 1 of the 10 coupons I printed each time, and voila! 20% each item! Of course, it is a little long-winded but I saved £15! Deal, no??

Then I thought of you guys...and as nice as I am, THE VOUCHER LINK IS HERE! PRINT IT, USE IT! Unfortunately, I only have the UK version of the coupon...but I done some research and apparently you can get it off the website? Although, I can't seem to find it...! Maybe print this one, and try it anyway...act stupid if it don't work hehe!

You have until the 13th February to use it. Pass it on, because we all deserve it as I know everyone shops in H&M (maybe apart from Stef - because she has a deep psychological fear of H&M due to me spending too long in there...) and its time we got something back. Have fun!

*If you are as cheeky as I am, and have in the last month bought H&M items that have yet to be worn with labels and receipt all present, why not refund it and re-buy it with the 20% off? Just a thought....

Oh and also..if you guys didn't realise - there are two people posting on this blog!!! Me - Rachie and also Stephie.....!


Kay said...

hmmm if i dont 4get i will be trying this lol

& i loove ur blog, its soo cute & i like ur style ;)

as for HK, call ur MAC counter and ask

Trish said...

Haha, don't worry. I understand you for using that word(bitch) LOL. :)

lipstick cherry said...
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lipstick cherry said...

ohhh! you're from UK? i love UK girls you guys are always so cute & stylish!
but as far as the show season 3, yes these are some bad ass girls! & i get what u mean about the audience theyre always gettin up trynna dance bustin' out "moves" no ones watchin to see them dance! theyre watchin to see the crews lol.... love ur blog!

KB said...

Lol I never pay full price for anything in H&M anymore, I get the newsletter sent to about 5 different e-mail addresses, and when I run out? I unsubscribe and sign up again! So now I have the coupon about 5 times to print off and enjoy!

Molly said...

hehe, i do this all the time too!
just mass printing all the way :)

Kay said...

Haha I love the "It's almost like a staff discount!" bit.
That was a very sneaky tactic, niice work.
It's a shame I'm not a big H&M fan otherwise I would be crazily grateful to you right now. I'm not sure what it is... maybe I am just too lazy or something.

The costumes weren't as bad as the AA dress, there was some 'tactically placed' embellishment.
I LOVE uniqlo! It is verry good value.
My my lovely jean jeans (i hate the way the beginning and end words of that brand mess up my sentence) are so insanely tight. My brother always bangs on about how they must be cutting off my circulation. It's actually necessary to unzip the ankle zips to fit the heel of your foot through, no joke.

Sorry that was so long!

Anonymous said...

i will print hmm a LOT off and then spend a lot of money of stuff i want in H&M. so that means i need to go to h&m soon.
it actually works out pretty well as i say a gorge dress in there for twenty now its just 16...hmmm...i neeed to go to h&m immediantly!
love the

Anonymous said...

they have this in ny too!!!

oh and i did a little love life update post for you haha

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