Thursday, 5 February 2009

Does my bum look big in this? Great!

So I have to write 16 random things about myself. Hmmm, OK.

1. I have red hair.
2. I am willing to spend a lot of money on cosmetics but got my payback when I spent £35 on Dermalogica facewash and it gave me a rash.
3. I can be SO ditzy sometimes...well a lot example..when my politics teacher convinced me that penguins could vote in Iceland. Twice.
4. Last summer I was an extra in the movie How to lose friends and alienate people with Megan Fox (who isn't very nice) and Simon Pegg (who is).
5. I have a phobia of particular words and can't bear to hear them.
6. I am addicted to Even though I don't really like him.
7. The most expensive thing I have ever bought are my True Religion jeans.
8. I have have spent half of my life trying to talk rach out of buying stuff.
9. I really like Britney Spears and wish I were going to her concert.
10. I am an obsessive baker and if something I cook doesn't go right, I insist on making it again and again until it does.
11. I'm the one all my friends come to when they need help/advice.
12. Sometimes I only do stuff so I have good facts to write in the contributers page when I write for Glamour.
13. I really want to eat this wood pigeon that lives in my garden. He watches me through the window (he's here now) and he looks so fat and delicious. I've named him Eric and one day...I will get him.
14. I love Karl Lagerfield. My favourite quote is, "I'm sorry, you've got to tell this woman that she needs to be taken away. Her smell is not possible"
15. I can't eat breakfast in the morning because the thought of food makes me feel sick. Unless it's cake...
16. I wish I had that Chanel 2.55 bag.

OK. Now my actual post is about - these:

I want to pretend that isn't me, but it is. Sigh. Anyway, these are Butt Pants. Well, that's what I call them anyway. I read this and remembered them. I found them in Bloomingdales in New York last summer, and I just had to try them on, for humour's sake. Apparently they are for people with no bum...who...want to have a bum. This is what they look like under clothes:

What I want to know is this. Surely you buy these because you want to attract someone right? Imagine this scene: you meet this guy, and he loves your nice, full, strangely squashy bum. And you start going out and you always have to make sure you wear your Butt Pants because he would notice if you didn't. And then you know one day you take him home...and you're having a good time (wink wink) until he looks down, and there is a bum on the floor. I'm thinking, not a good situation.

Also, it feels like walking with a cushion strapped to your bum, or kind of like half of your bum is's strange. But what do you think? Want them?


Anonymous said...

yeah thats gota be a bit awkward when you have to take off your butt in front of a guy

yiqin; said...


Rand said...

hahhah i love the pants!!erm the glasses are easy t make,i made them in this lesson where the teacher was talking about something...
wow u wre and extra thats cool!i am looking after these exams for some auditions;) wher do u find them?

Anonymous said...

thankyou for doing my tag:)
i found the penguin bit funny and karls bit also funny chicken fillets for your bras really~

Demi said...

thank you very much honey :)

ooh you were in an extra in that movie? why isn't megan fox very nice? and whats simon pegg like? (sorry i'm so nosy, I know haha)

i want bum pants so bad! they look really comfy haha, and you could just go around throwing your bum on the floor and not feeling a thing! haha


Joezehh said...

"4. Last summer I was an extra in the movie How to lose friends and alienate people with Megan Fox (who isn't very nice) and Simon Pegg (who is)."
man, that's awesommeeeee.

"6. I am addicted to Even though I don't really like him."

those pants are hilarious :)
love your blog
x x x

Laroux said...

I saw those leggings too ... but the price tag was just too much - especially for legginings.

Btw - I totally feel facts number 16 and 12, I always read the contriubutors page in any magazine first!


MJ. said...

LOL!!! Definitely not, Don't like pretending I have something I don't (though I seriously need some curves in my body..:P)

U should LOVE LONDON as much as I do!! Though I think it's pretty normal u're just used to it...(just like I'm used to Barcelona and everybody seems to love it...)

Funny pic btw!:P


Alecca Rox said...

you are so brave for showing off your fake butt to the www like that:)

i'll try to show some bravery here too and say that i guess once a guy faces the.. fake boobs i'm wearing (wonderbra i love you), I guess a fake butt won't be too much to deal with! (will it?)

p.s. i am single. it wouldn't be because of... would it? lol


kandace said...

ummm no i think i'll pass on the butt pad.too many awkward situations are possible. i also think it's really funny that you have to talk Rachel out of buying things (my friends have to do that for me 2).

Ike said...

I've seen those in downtown LA! but I've never actually seen anyone buy them...

Hannah Cheeto said...

Ahaha that's so funny. I've always wondered about those.

India said...

haha yeah if is to get a guy you will be fucked but I wanna get one I got ass but that one is shapely and looks good with dress haha

Coco Pine said...

the most jokes thing...ever!!

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