Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Topshop's 00s take on the 90s revival of the 80s for SS09...GET IT?

Please can someone buy me some sort of mouth gag so that I can stop drooling all over shop floors/keyboard:


These are some of the hot looks from the Topshop SS09 collection! I am not one to really regurgitate what I have read on other people's blogs and pass it of as my own discovery because it is not very fair. HOWEVER, I could not help myself when I saw this post on Kingdom of Style. I see these looks as a noughties take on the 90s revival of the 80s...how the people of this era are doing the look that the people of the 90s done of the people in the 80s, basically. Caught up yet?! And boy, am I loving it!! PRINTS UPON PRINTS UPON MORE PRINTS. And y'all know I adore prints! I always thought that the 90s was the worst era of fashion but this noughties twist has really got my glands salivating. JEEZ! (sorry about my obsession with dribbling/salivating/drooling).

Is it odd that I adore the union jack blazer?! I think my obsession of wanting to own anything slightly patriotic was down to my NY trip, even though I am not a patriotic person...! It was here that I discovered the glorification of the American flag, everywhere I looked the flag was in my face, and only then, I realised it is quite a pretty flag. I went to the Salvation Army thrift shop and found the sweetest wool t-shirt with the whole of the front dedicated to the stars and the strips for a mere $3. Which I wore on independece day by the way, with my high waist blue skirt, red waist belt and white juju jellies! I think in the UK the Union Jack connotes chav-ism, hence why I was never attracted to it before. But I WANT!

I know that some of the pieces are in stores already just like a couple of them are already in my wardrobe! That is just the kind of saddo I am. I have to say though...GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND THE ACID WASH WHITE LEGGINGS AND THE TRIBAL/AZTEC/EAGLE PRINT TOP, because I got these in December/January and when I went back to buy another for friend/exchange size...the shop assistants practically laughed in my face as if to say, "Oh you, foolish fashion follower don't you know you are like way too late." I felt the need to shove my-bought-last-week-leggings in the girl's face and tell her to stop smirking at my misfortune of buying one size to big, as she obviously thought I had not got a pair already.

I am truly excited to see how much these pieces cost because I know a tee I got the other day was like £22 and that practically broke my broke-ass heart. For better quality pictures go to Kingdom of Style!!!

OH...and if there is a trainer/kicks/sneaker god out there...please make these be mine! BE MINNNEEEEE!!

Don’t worry kicks, I still love you…I know we have had a bit of a break and I fell in lust with those patent, peep-toe heels but I promised I would come back, do you forgive me? Present these Geo Terminator Hi Premiums to me and I will never doubt my love again.

The End.

Wow these would look great with my cropped denim jacket and that pastel Aztec print tee on the post below....


Behind the Seams said...

i like them all!

yiqin; said...

I love it so much. But Topshop prices are way out of my budget.

Secretista said...

The looks are not that bad. I like.

Anonymous said...

yeah union jackism is now officially CHICKISM!shavs have moved on,to ugg boots and abusing abercrombie and fitch
thankyou for the link!
am linking you right now!

Anonymous said...

oh and i muchly adore the outfit next to the union jack,its just so delightful!

Martha said...

too much eye candy for one post!!!
Topshop+ *80s = drool

LANA said...

Nice sneakers!
And I love the new ss09 lookbook from Topshop :D.

Dooder City said...

How amazing is that leather jacket?

The Clothes Horse said...

I need to go look at the whole collection. The styling is so quirky and fun.

giggleness said...

i love that one huge white sweater with black in it. :)

Maya l'Abeille said...

that rodarte-esque HUGE sweater is going straight to my closet as soon as possible.
It's just a pity that i always have to blow my paycheck to buy anything from Topshop.

clairegrenade said...

quite honestly, taht is probably one of the best pair of nikes i've ever seen, i love the embossed texture on 'em!

cool log,dahhling!

Pietro said...

Oh thanks :)

You have a good style, i like :)

kandace said...

I want it all! If only top shop would finally open in the states. The deconstructed sweater is a little Alexander Wangish, a little Rodarte but far less out of my budget. And as for the patriotism idea. I've been wearing an American flag bracelet for a week now and I cant take it off.

Anonymous said...

ahhh i need it right now!
she looked amazing,shes so cool:)
freddie is worth drooling over,as the other two,arnt so cool
i liked maxie before

Elisa said...

my heart just stopped. no joke.

I love the second last one wit hthe neutral tones; not the most exciting, but definitely my favourite!

You rock those kicks better than anyone.

TheMinx said...

yum yum yummm topshop. every year I find more things I like, now if they would just open that store in NYC...

Jenna said...


Haha those be some very cool shoes.

An yuuuhhhh the guy from 10000BC is VERY hot. =]

Fashion Trix said...

topshops thee best, ohh yea

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