Thursday, 8 January 2009

Let The Battle Commence

Bitch Please! Do not mess with me on EBay...I will go to (online) War with you and, let me tell you: Your Ass Will Be Mine.


I don't know if it is just me, but do you get sweaty palms and feel like your heart has gone all Speedy Gonzales on you, when you are about to place a bid on an EBay item you have been watching for 4 days and 6 hours?

In these 4 days and 6 hours, the anticipation of wanting this item has grown to a great extent. In these 4 days and 6 hours, you have thought about when to where these. In these 4days and 6 hours you have come up with a million and one outfits to go with this item. In the 4days and 6 hours you have rediscovered pre-existing items in your closet, just to go with this item. In these 4days and 6 hours, you have fallen in love. And yet, you do not even own this item. Well not until 4days and 6 hours. Maybe.

Is that you or just me? After all this time, I really do end up NEEDING this item in my life, and it just pisses me right off when someone tries (and hopefully fails) to take them away from me. If I don't get it, I will be darn right upset for many days and will most probably end up stalking this thief's EBay profile. I will be thoroughly analysing your feedback as a buyer: through this I will be able to determine your style and conclude whether you are worthy of this item I just lost out to you on, you thief.

I haven't actually lost out on any items today, its just bidding wars infuriate me. People are seriously trying to fight me when it comes to bidding and I will not back down. You may as well hand me your whopped ass on a plate before you start bidding. Fortunately, I have yet to virtually meet a bidder like me. I fear that day: they may have the same bidding/fashion/needy frame of mind like me but what if they have a bigger bank balance? I like a bargain and will not pay more than what the item is actually worth, no matter how much I love it. When that day is here, I am sure I will have to wave my perfectly formed white flag.

Easy Does it!

That is my rant. Please don't judge me, like I have judged them.

P.S I got the 1st pair for myself (after muchos frustration)...I'm not really a peep toe, sling-back, kitten heel kind of girl but, hell yeah I love these hotties! My mother called them 'rubbish' as in trash/crap, and said that the money would have been better well spent on food. . .this is coming from a woman who in her heyday was quite a fashionista, and has now just come home with a bag of 6 toothpastes and a 15p freddy choccie (sure thing mum). The 2nd pair are been made from my dreams, I prefer these over the sling backs. Unfortunately, they are 3 sizes to big. What a sham. It is like the moment you have the perfect dream and then some fool wakes you up and they have just shooed away the perfect dream bubble leaving you with the fast evaporating mist. Anyway, as I really couldn't let these go, I bought them for a friend who is that size. Oh wait, did I not mention that I do that? If I can't have them, then you sure as hell won't, but my friend will.

P.P.S I have spent £90 in two days by sitting on my bottom in front of this screen attempting to do uni work. This is NOT GOOD.


musikseven said...

haha!...sweaty palms....u need to see the doctor bout ur shoppin addiction!id probly ile probly BE in a shop!

Rachie-Pie said...

Yea probably...but I kinda enjoy the thrill ^_^

Awesome Randomness said...

Ebay is fun though! I get sweaty palms too lol

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