Friday, 9 January 2009

Baby, Let Me Razzle Dazzle You

Back in November 2008 my friend had a big 21st birthday with the theme of Black&White. I was in panic about trying to find a decent black and white outfit, as I hardly owned anything B&W! And I didn't want to spend lots of money. But this is what I wore and I was surprised that all these pieces actually came from my wardrobe! Stripes, Lace, Sequins and Gold...the only thing I had to buy was the top hat which was was only £4.99!

Whatever the theme of any party, you know I will always have a pair of kicks to finish off my outfit! These are my Paris Reebok freestyles, black and white striped of course. Below is a picture of me and the birthday girl on stage after her mum announced that she is giving her two tickets to NY!! Rachael (Bday girl) decided to take me ^_^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know the detailing isn't really clear on the picture below, but Rachael made the dress all by herself and it looked so good and OTT, just how we like it! Lots of colour and a hella lot of gold piping! I like to call it the ice-cream puffball pastry dress:


The Clothes Horse said...

Your outfit is so fun. I like all the quirky details.

Divinity Avenue said...

Super cute B&W outfit! You look like you were having fun. I think I am going to a party tomorrow... me and my boy are going as James Bond and his Bond girl. Should be fun...!

In-tree-gue said...

I love this outfit, very whimsical

Awesome Randomness said...

cool outfit

Anonymous said...

Love the freestyles!!! If you want to sell them, email me at [email protected]

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