Monday, 5 January 2009

A Homage to Leopard Print (and lace)

My Homage to the blog - how I welcome myself back!...
Simply Hand Done: Nails Inc. Blue and Pink, Barry M Grey and Wilkinson Black marker

My Sister's version!

I saw this post a while back now and have been meaning to do the same thing (OK FINE I copied...) to my nails for a long time. I know patterned nails can look super tacky, but that could be said for lots of things (including leopard print!), but I always say its not about what you wear, its about how you wear it! And I do not think this looks tacky one bit! From what I read on the M.I.S.S CREW blog, getting her nails did cost a bit of monies (It was profess done!)...I am happy to say mine were free and done by my tiniest sister!

I've been having these ping-pong like conversations in my head for a very long time now, ones which has been bouncing the reasoning - or pros and cons - of starting to blog again. I realise this blog was alive and kicking for a very short time , but in that short amount of time there was a bloody lot of content don't you think?

These are the pros:

  • I want to write! I am fed up of just writing stinking academic work!
  • I am also fed up of talking to myself in my head (not in the "I am nuts kinda way" but you know!) so I think it is more helpful for me (and my sanity) to type it all up for everyone to read!
  • I read so many blogs and I am bored of reading and not participating
  • I am also fed up of only being able to show my clothes of at to work (which is only 10mins away) and not much place else, because everywhere else I am covered up by the same ol' jacket (I KNOW THIS IS SO SHALLOW but I am getting myself into debt from these university loans and all I buy is clothes so they may as well get appreciated some how!)
  • I am also made to write a weekly travelogue for one of the smelly courses (if you see a course named 'writing the city' do NOT pick it up) so I may as well kill two birds with one stone by having to blog regularly and writing a travelogue within it (which is going to be boring so you don't have to read!)

And these are the cons:

  • I am a third year student at University. I have a dissertation to write
  • I am blatantly going to blog just to get out of writing any type of essays
  • I am scared of appearing to be vain and a narcissist!

That's about it really! As you can see the pros outbalance the cons so here I am! And here is my outfit for today...for old times sake!

Jewellery: Random crap stores including 'LORD OF THE BLINGS' haha!, Jumper: EBay, Belt: NY thrift shop, Skirt: H&M, Cotton Tight: Primark

From the time I stopped blogging until now, I have done many uninteresting things, however, I did fall in love. You see, I feel in love with the city. The city of New York. I spent two unforgettable weeks there with fellow blogee Stephie in the summer of 2008 and it was the best time of my life. I will defiantly do a New York post soon, hopefully next week when my uni deadlines have been and gone. Oh yes, I am blogging when I have one week to do 5 essays...I am officially a LOSER. But on a final note (well to this section of the post anyway...) I will leave you with an image of what I wore with today's outfit, a photo which is also a taster of my New York post...coming soon!

❤❤❤My Beloved Nike Jordan's! ❤❤❤


TOPSHOP comes out with their version of the ALL SAINTS Dress!

Remember this All Saints dress Stephie (it was a long post be sure to scroll down!) and I were obsessed about? Well 6 months down the line and Topshop now has this dress out:

Photo from

Stephie found it online...What do you think? I think its very similar, but at £40, more than half the price of the original All Saints version I think its totally worth it...or you could check All Saints and it may be in the sale! Its a shame it wasn't out then, because my obsession is no more....


Bore Galore

Also known as travelogue...also known as uni work. Feel free to skip this section whilst I chat nonsense in order to gain a half decent grade that my £9, 140 fee has to be worth. Some How...

Week 12:

As usual, on a Sunday morning, I jump onto the smelly, cold bus at 10.20am to make my 10min journey to work. As usual, this bus is so cold the fabric seats always feel moist, making me touch the dirty seat to make sure no one has actually peed on it. As soon I get of the bus in my local shopping centre I am welcomed by the noisy traffic at the junction and a very wet pavement; typical of any area in the city of London. What I do not get is why there is a section of the street which has been washed - a section which is SHELTERED by the cinema above, but yet the rest of the streets are still filthy? As I walk further down towards my work place there is shit, piles of dog shit. Shit that has been dragged further than necessary because someone has stepped into it and on their mission to rid of the shit they decide to drag there feet along the pedestrian pavement which makes more trails of shit. Its so annoying - Why can't Londoners clean up their dogs mess? More so, why can't Londoners watch where they are stepping!!


FashionSqueah! said...

It's good to have you back, I really enjoyed your blog before you disapeared! I shall re-add you to our links list! Char x

A the Great said...

I'm really feeling your nails!!! and that Houndstooth top!!

Awesome Randomness said...

I love the nails...

$WEETLADY said...

love ur nails!!

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