Thursday, 19 June 2008

14 Eventful Days Have Passed....

Howdy all! I cannot believe I have not posted in yonks! Sorry folks. I have so much to write about aka last few days at Drapers/Giant Baby-gro/£2 blazer ect. I also have lots of snappy snaps to illustrate! This is going to be a mega long post. I found this particular funny...yet if this was done purposely...or maybe the dumper can't read the sign:


A Task Conquered at Draper's...

One day before my last day at Draper's and the news desk needed an intern to help them out. The fashion desk had 5 or so interns and I half volunteered to do this seemingly easy task for the news team. It was either Stephie or I. The task: To go to the e-commerce conference held by Draper's at Mayfair hotel (!) and take pictures of independent retailers. Simple enough right? So I said I didn't mind...and neither did Stephie. In the end it got handed over to me. They then tell me I have to do a mini Q&A (which was 16 questions by the way) with a retailer of my choice. Oh..and I was going to be all by myself. At 8.30am. At that point I had the fear of God in me: I have to wake up EARLIER, do an interview which I have never done (I know...I'm a faux 'journalist'), dress smarter than I normally try, and be all on my lonesome. I was shaking all over and worried about getting lost.

I found the amazing hotel after a while after asking the doorman if he knew where such such building was and he said I was in it. Typical me. Marble flooring, pretty lights and polite door people. Oh so pretty - definitely the poshest building I have ever stepped foot in. I mingled and took pictures straight away. Then it was time for the conference to take place after some morning nibbles, I thought I may as well sit in on one and learn some things. Big Mistake. After about 30 minutes my belly no it ROARED with anger. It groaned and moaned every 10Min's and it was so embarrassing I had to walk out of the conference half way through. I had to wait another hour before the next break to do some more mingling. I done the interview in that time which wasn't so hard after all. I then had to wait another hour or so for the lunch break to commence so I could take more pictures for Draper's. I decided to sit out of this talk...and decided instead to go to Primark. Not the best decision of my life as my time management was off-key. I ended running back to the hotel with my Paul's Boutique bag stuffed full of Primark clothes...I really didn't want to go around carrying a paper Primark Bag.

Just outside the toilet...huge "smart" look..with my specs and all!

The horse ornament outside the toilet.

The mini oriental statues holding incense bowls to make the toilets smell like flowers.

All in all my task was completed successfully though with a few Rachie glitches. But I did get some excellent leggings from good ol' Primark.

Whilst I was there, Stephie had a nice rest....

Only Joking! She felt drowsy and ill after her Lemsip

Fashion Cupboard Here We Come!

The day Stephie and I have been anticipating for finally came. We were allowed to work in the fashion cupboard! Only because the fashion interns were either not working or helping at a photo shoot. We has to sort all the menswear in alphabetical order and then unpack womens wear (!). Though this was only a couple of boxes. Of course we were naughty children and had to try on the garments!

In a Trilby hat

In Fornarina accessories ranges. Lips are in I guess. Earrings, bracelet, necklace, hat, scarf and bloody bag!

A Fetchin' pair of Dr. Martins

Close up of that Fornarina Lips necklace...!


Why? Oh Why!

I do sometimes wonder what possess the buyers of some stores to buy certain horrendously ugly pieces of clothing which they expect would sell and make profits for the company. Do they not think, "Hang about, this is fugly and it will end up on the sale rails." I really do not understand, in fashion or not if its ugly and utterly unwearable do not buy it and try and sell it to consumers! The sad item this time is the adult baby-gro. Why? Striped too?! Anyone interested in looking like a convict giant baby?!

Topshop: £50!

All Saints Dresses out of Our Summer Wish List

We are absolutely sick of All Saints after going into every London branch/concession for the last week. I would say we have stepped into about 8 stores/concessions all together, 3 times in Selfridges. I mentioned Stephie's and my need for a fabulous All Saints dress in this post. Well Stephie's wish came true when she became the proud owner of a lovely black dress...only to her dismay when she got home she found that the dresses pleats had fallen apart. Now you wouldn't expect a £90 dress to be of such quality would you?! So we had to go to every single store to see if they stocked the dress in the right size only to find out that the only stores were on the outskirts of London. No-Way were we travelling that far for a bleeding dress that fell apart of no fault of ours. We oath never to buy another dress from All Saints. In the end we had to refund the dress as no other ones matched Stephie's criteria of the perfect dress. Sigh. But here are some sweet memories of the lovely black dresses.

My perfect black dress. All Saints: £90

The dress that was very vampy with sleeves. Roll up the sleeves and it is a sexy black dress that fits perfectly. This wasn't the dress that fell apart. All Saints: £90


Get your Candy Butt to Traid Now!

I seriously advised you all to head to your local Traid now to see if they are having a £2 sale like my local one is! I do not know if it is closing down or if its just a summer sale but everything in store is £2. It has everything a huge range of classic shaped blazers, bright prints and the odd knick-knacks! I would say Traid is one of the better charity shops out there because it is more fashion aware and has such a huge selection of clothing, and they remake clothes.
A few weeks back I was going to buy this pastel water-coloured English countryside printed pleated skirt but at £7.99, it was not so affordable at the time. And guess what! I found it today for £2!! I was so happy! I also found this high-necked floral printed dress with pleated side panels which is just so unusual, especially compared to all the floral dresses available at the moment. of all a old Oasis blazer (shoulder pads and all...) with faint blue pinstripes! Its a perfect fit too! All together it was £6....That just sounds perfect.

The perfect blazer a snip at 2 Squid

The high neck line adds to the unique-ness Traid £2
Yay We Passed!

Stephie and I have both passed our 2nd year in University!!! I finished with a high 2: 1!!! And Stephie got some B's. We are too cool for school baby! High 5 Everyone!


Hanna said...

Wow, you certainly made up for lost time! I agree, that adult onesie is an abomination! I LOVE those Dr. Martens though, and I normally hate brights.

are you there, god? it's me. said...

Oh God, that onesie...

Sugar Pop said...

cool cool cool cool pics. really. no doubt.

i love the blue shoes in that one picture in the closet. those are just...rad.

congrats on everything :)

ray said...

hey.congrats on your results.enjoyed reading your vlong post!cool pics tooxxx

annah said...

oh god! so much to read!

i love the outfit you wore to Drapers.
i love the dress from all saints.
i love the lipness.
i hate the jumpsuit THING.

i have tagged you.


elisabeth said...

wow :D what a marvelous find!! i love the blazer

paige olivia said...

i love your blog!
im a daily reader!
excahnge links?

Anonymous said...

yah.. pweedie long post!.. love that lbd!

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