Thursday, 5 June 2008

Would you like a bite of my apple?

Snow White tee: Bershaka (£9), Skirt: UniQlo (£19.99 but on sale for £2.99!), Studded belt: Vans (its leather! £9.99)'Fierce' tights: H&M (£1.99), Doremon socks: Portobello Market (£2)

Sorry honey, I don't accept any thing from strangers! The exact words on the back of my tee.

Howdy partners! I feel as if I have been neglecting this blog after just one or so month. Apologies for the false promise of an everyday intern-diary. The truth is...I have been super until 5.30, then hit the shops to, you know, look at window displays (shops staying open till 9pm in London - a blessing or a devil in disguise??)...then maybe a lovely dinner out and a 1 hour bus journey home to save a couple of quid to put towards my shopping funds. Yes, ladies we all have to make little sacrifices which is why the bus is the only option for moi. Not that I mind: its a pleasant journey with fresh air (as fresh as it can get in London Town anyway) every 5 minutes unlike the stuffy, soot-filled tube. Unless you have the odd extra smelly trap who sleeps at the back taking advantage of the warmth and hospitality on the"free" bus (the ones which only accept oyster cards and has a zillion entrances for cheating buggers to get free journeys...and there is me paying my £35 every month). This means I get home at around 11 or so and need sleep to get up at 7am *yawn*. No time for the Internet! I got home at 9 today so yay! I get to post!

The title of this post is dedicated to the beautiful Snow White. I got a Snow White tee yesterday. Stephie also pointed out the puffy sleeves is used in reference to Snow Whites sleeves of her blue dress! How cool is that? Its always Mickey and Minnie tees but never the princesses. How I love Snow White! I was super excited to add this to my collection of tees, specifically my Disney collection. You see...I'm a big Disney fan. Huge. I love it. I'm at an age where I can still (sort of) get away with wearing Disney clothes so I am getting the most wear out of them before the dreaded day I out-grow them. How I long for that day to never come *sigh*. Bershaka also do a Donald and Daisy Duck, Mickey and Minnie (over done but super still), and The Queen from Snow White t-shirts. You see how my shopaholic and Disney instincts told me to go in there yesterday when I normally don't go?! Amazing. Obviously I wore it at first chance, which was today (picture above). Teamed with my new barginlicious skirt and yummy red tights. Come to think of whole ensemble is new...Oops.

I got into work at Drapers in the morning and was told my outfit was "FIERCEE" by a member of staff who is apparently important (no idea who he is). He then goes on to add that "not many people can pull of red tights, but you can!". Then turning to the assistant featured ed. "you should keep her." How I wish it was that simple.

Today was the official day the office receives the latest edition of Draper's, 2 days ahead of stockists. I was super excited as my work was going to be published. The copy was on my desk waiting for me to open it. My anticipation was reaching a boiling point. My first published teeny weeny piece. Flicked to the section I participated in. "Oh." "OK." "That looks different." "I am sure I didn't write that." These are a selection of my thoughts back then. The reason? After my work was read by at least three people in the Draper's team, it went through a transition of sounding like sounding like Drapers. I know, I know, how naive of me to think nothing was going to be changed. But intern! And also no name in the contributors section...BOO. Does this work still count as a valid piece of published work?

Indicator Panel 1 - Knitwear: This surprisingly did not change that much. Whoop.

Indicator Panel 2 & 3 - Dresses and Online Stores: The dresses section was chopped a little but the website one got re-worded!

Indicator Panel 4 - G-Star: I am very familiar with this brand, hence why I chose it. This got changed a little.

I mention this little section in this post, and spoke quite fondly of it. Well here it is! A little bit re-worded but pah well!

On the subject of Draper's. Me interning at Draper's is like an alcoholic working in a pub. Me working in a trendy trainer shop is like a druggie living in a crack house. These things which I am passionate about are dangerous for my life, more so, my bank balance. Clothes and Trainers are my hobby. And I work around them. I am some sort of addict, so naturally, seeing the fashion writer with her lovely dresses from All Saints, makes me want the dress from All Saints. Even though I have never stepped foot in that expensive, sombre-feel store. Ahh it makes me mad with jealously and want. Me and Stephies summer resolution: we will own an All Saints beautifully shaped dress by autumn/winter 08, even if it is £90 out of our student loan.

By the way...I am working a third week at Draper's woo. That makes it 21 days working non-stop. Which means I will only get paid for 4 days at my normal workplace which equals poor pay at end of month...! After that 9 days to NYC baby!

On another note....

  • Stephie has a nose "a-glow with the colour of a thousand strawberries." Funny, as quoted by Stephie (she is ill)
  • How very annoyed I am at H&M, or rather the eager beaver shoppers. Yesterday I purchased two Hennes items. They were both too small (I blame sitting in front of a PC all day. Dammit!) so I had to exchange them. So today I went to the same H&M and shockingly the once full rack of said items was now empty. Excuse my language but...What the flippy flip!? Bear in mind this was yesterday at around 7, and today around 7, the whole shibang has been sold! So I had to trot around the west end with a red nosed Stephie on my arm to exchange the goods. Sheez.

  • Big Brother is back...and I am ashamed to admit that at 9pm sharp everyday, I will be in front of the TV on C4. I have to say, this years contestants seem interesting and there are some cuties on the show (for once), more girls though. However KAT. Oh my giddy giddy gosh. How amazing is this Thai Bride. She is friggin' adorable and so unintentionally funny. She is my favourite at the moment: Kat-"Do you want a cookie?" BB-"No" Kat-"oh thank-youuu." HAHA. She has quite a heavy accent but it just adds to her character and her sweetness! I want to take this opportunity to quote a friend which in his opinion sums up BB this year, "I never thought I'd see the day when an albino man would be shaking hands with a blind man in the big brother house."


Jello on Springs said...

I've wanted red tights since last fall, i bought what i thought were red tights only to discover they were orange, so the search continues

ray said...

enjoyed reading your outfit,love the tshirtxxx

Elle Bee said...

haha aaw it was so cute when that little kat lady said that! she is so sweet.

FashionSqueah! said...

kat is fantastic!!
loved her entrance outfit haha!
have a fab time in NYC :)
we're quite luck up here with rails of clothes from H&M, its usually all stil lthere for about a month, nothing sells really quick up here!

FashionSqueah! said...

Ahhh I know how you feel about working around clothes, I've started workign at a jewellers...bad idea! My manager thinks I'm "familiarising myself with stock" I am actually speadning my wages in my head on pretty, shiny things! You must be irritated I keep mocking things you love ( necklaces) I'm not that much of a bitch I swear!

fashion* CHALET said...

great tights :)

Ash1314 said...

yessssss to the bright leggings! I have an old post on my blog wearing similar ones (poppy color!) Love them

Sugar Pop said...

holy shizz $2 coloured tights.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

wow honey, you really know how to pull off those red tights.

elisabeth mccoubrie said...

tagged tagged tagged :)

Victoria-Olivia said...

Amazing outfit! And good work on the articles....even if they did change the a bit.

styledigger said...

I love leopard prints/ I've just a leopard jacket:)

Your outfit is great, I like your sikrt and those red tights are really stylish- you look lke Agyness Deyn.

Victoria-Olivia said...

The Mickey tee is from h&m kids, boys section. I have a red donald duck one too, but i got them afew years ago. I really want a goofy one!

Hanna said...

I love the Snow White shirt! Brave move on those poppy red tights, too.

She's Dressing Up said...

Well done on the published work, I'm sure it counts! you look great in the tights!

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