Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Call it the Christmas Spirit

BEWARE OF CHEESE OVERLOAD, if you are Lactose Intolerant look away now - I will now begin to plaster my cheesy grin all over your screens:

No, this is not a post about me achieving the cheesiest smiles ever, it is actually an outfit(s) post.

I know I will regret this in the future when I look at this blog and am welcomed by this collage of grins. The Shame. CRINGE! The only reasoning I have for being this over-happy is because it was Christmas. I did not go anywhere for NYE so I have nothing to show, this is a Christmas outfits post that has come 2 weeks too late! These pictures were taken when I was out, so you can't really see the whole outfit, but you get the gist of it! As you can see, I do enjoy a bit of colour in my life as well as some leopard print (which I actually wore with every outfit)! The yellow outfit is what I wore to my work do. That tie-dye/ink splotches dress is my favourite dress in the world, and its only from H&M! I adore everything about it - colors, shape, style. I wore with a hennes cardy, some BikBok leggings and a pair of primark pumps! The 2nd outfit is a Primark leopard print dress but the thrill detail on the sleeve caps is what makes it that little bit more unusual. It was horrendously long, but once I took it up it was perfect (though you can't see that)! In the photo, the flouro pink belt (H&M) looks really odd...but it worked at the time, must have been all the food I ate pushing the belt away from my waist. The third outfit is a BikBok sequin-ish dress teamed with my favourite belt and a baggy men's Primark cardy. I have to say there is an identical dress in H&M for half the price which really pissed me off but the H&M one doesn't have a slip so it makes the dress appear see-through mwhahaha!

So..its 6.26pm UK time and I have yet to start an essay, an essay I was supposed to start at like....2pm?! Don't worry! I am seeing this post as a type of warm up exercise for my brain and fingers so that I will not get a frazzled brain (from excessive thinking) or sprained fingers (from excessive typing) for when I actually start my work...which will be now...!

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