Saturday, 17 May 2008

'Campbell's Soup Can'

Please excuse picture quality. My little sister stole my camera and took it to Spain without permission. This is a phone picture...a 5mpx Camera phone that is (^_^)

Campbell's Tomato soup will never be the same again.

I studied art in secondary school since I was 11, and every year Andy Warhol's work would always pop up. Especially his famous, 'Campbell's Soup Cans' piece. The other day, I went food shopping in Morrison's and picked up some Campbell's soup because they were buy one get one free and I noticed that they are changing 'Campbell's' to 'Batchelor's'.

When I first discovered this piece of artwork by Warhol and found a can of Campbell's, I was so excited. I was holding the subject matter of one of the most famous pieces of pop-art in my hands. But, soon it will be Batchelor's. And now, this simple can of 50p soup will no longer be as iconic as it once was. Batchelor's Just Does Not Have the Same Appeal.

This teeny weeny note on the trolley made me giggle...Sounds kinda cute...a little trolley voice saying "please so not take me away from Morrisons". I wonder how effective this note actually is?

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