Saturday, 17 May 2008

Songs that Make My Big Head Bounce

The first one is by M.I.A. called 'Jimmy'. I realise I may be late seen as this song has been around since 2006/2007, but its a good song nonetheless. I first heard it at work and thought it was a funny song as my colleague is called 'Jimmy'. But one day, very bored standing around doing nothing, I listened to the song properly and loved it! I am not a huge fan of M.I.A music, although she is stunning and her style is the shiznette (She is also in the Marc by Marc Jacobs Ad campaigns). But I got her album and gave it a proper listen and her music is really good. You see, I have this thing of not listening to music properly. I don't really give it a chance. Which I promise I won't do ever again. Here's the video for 'Jimmy':

The next song is by 23 year old Futuristic Rock 'n' Roll and Soul artist, Janelle Monáe. Whilst browsing through the million and one blogs I normally read, I came across her on the Better Never Than Late blog. At first I thought who is this amazingly, super-cute, flawless 1950's actress (girl crush alert: in a strictly admiration of God's creations kind of way!) After further reading I discovered she was actually from our era and a singer. I headed straight to her Myspace page and heard her songs. I love them. Once again I am late in discovering 'new music' but I can guarantee someone out there is later than I am! Her music reminds me of Outkast's style, and she actually has a track with them. Listening to 'Violet Stars Happy Hunting' really makes me to want listen to Outkast's 2003 album Speaker boxx/The Love Below. Now where is that dusty CD?
Here's 'Violet Stars Happy Hunting' (Its not the actual video...its about the music baby!):

Finally, I want to spread the London Love for one of my top 3 bands (after Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Arctic Monkeys). For once, I feel like I am one of the earlier 'discoverers' of new music! The awesome foursome consists of two brothers and two school friends from Brixton, South London. Their music is Indie/Rock, which reminds me of the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, but they add their own unique touch to it. I highly recommend their EP and you can get it here for a barginlicious £4.99. You won't be disappointed! Whilst you are at it, join their fan page on Facebook.
Here's the video for my one of my favourite songs, 'My Everything':

That's the break down of what I like to listen to, music which makes my Big Head Bounce and my Muffin Top Wobble (seriously need to do something about that!) ENJOY (^_^)!


Anonymous said...

I love janelle monae!!! She released this on her Metropolis Suite I: the Chase independently! I am SOOO ready for a video! Any idea when???

Rachie-Pie said...

No idea, though the making of the video is on Youtube...i think you just have to keep your eyes on you tube!