Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Loving Boots 17 Magnetized Nail Polish

I am late (very unlike me..) with trying the 'new' trend after Barry M's crack-effect, the amazing magnetised nail polish. I am in love with this! I tried out Boots 17 range which is available in 4 colours - silver, purple, blue and green - because, to be honest, its the cheapest at £5.99 ( 3 for 2 at the moment). I read quite a few bad points about the polish noting that the pattern is not consistent, but for me all the patterns on both my hands are pretty similar. Even if it isn't, surely the odd patterns here and there make it look nicer?! The magnetised effect nail polish creates a sick 3D / tie-dye / galaxy / metallic texturised effect, a total contrast to your usual boring manicure. All you have to do to create this effect is hover the magnet (attached to the bottle top) above the just polished nails for a few seconds. The easiest way to create amazing looking nails! Defiantly worth a try, my favourite is the green. Let's see how long this nail trend will last....

PS First time blogging from the Blogger iPhone app! How do you change where you want to place photos?! And you can't link?


S.P. said...

Well you're waaay ahead of me because I haven't even heard of magnetize, and I'm so late I haven't even got round to trying crackle effect yet (even though I'm a lacquer fan, hard times have prevented me from purchasing). It looks good!
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Bombchell said...

I'm with S.P. im def still behind. those look really nice.

Anonymous said...

your nails look awesome! i have got to try that polish!


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