Wednesday, 2 February 2011

BOXPARK Shoreditch - Worlds First Pop-Up Mall

To add more cool to the uber trendy area of Shoreditch, August will see the launch of the world's first ever pop-up mall in the heart of East London. And you all thought East London couldn't get any "trendier" or "cooler" than it already is, pah, foolish you!

Boxpark pop-up mall will be made up of 60 shipping containers put together to create a two storey building (if you call it that), each of which will house a mix of retail units, coffee shops, art galleries, cafes, and even a bike shop. It will be interesting to see which retailers and brands will be selected for the first round at Boxpark. With leases varying from one to five years, whats cool one day won't be cool the next, the age of disposable fashion eh? This alone will make Boxpark work, because as a pop-up mall, with short leases and flexible terms, it can move with the trends, giving different independent brands an opportunity to have a retail space. The 40 "box-shops" will be on the ground floor and will consist of creative, independent retailers, designer brands, premium streetwear brands, footwear stores, and book shops. The remaining 20 containers will be on the first floor, where you can enjoy a cuppa tea or coffee, read a book, look at some art or maybe a showroom, relax and eat in one of the many cafes/coffee shops/restaurants Boxpark has to offer, all the while stuck in a tin box. How very Shoreditch.

A very interesting concept don't you think? As August comes around, I am sure hundreds and hundreds of people will flock over to Shoreditch to check out the site, and comment on how innovative it is as well as how amazing it looks; no doubt, there will be shitloads of ammmmmaaaazzzzzing photographs of the 60 shipping containers on the blogsphere for us all to admire. *Sarcasm, please get my sarcasm.*

Shoreditch trendy cool jokes and opinions aside, this will be a big hit nonetheless, and many other cities are sure to follow suite, but seriously guys, don't all rush out at once to check out Boxpark, it IS going to be around for five years! Wait till the launch hype dies down, the experience will be better ;-), excited much? Watch the video for more details about Boxpark, Shoreditch and stay up to date via BOXPARK.

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