Friday, 3 December 2010

Music: Adele 21 & Jamie XX

Whilst on this Youtube tip, I am currently LOVING Adele more than ever before (just remembered, I once bumped into her having a ciggie break outside a pub in east London). Cannot wait for her new album '21' to be released.

Adele 'Rolling in the Deep'-

Adele performing 'Someone Like You', Later Live on Jools Holland. JUST AMAZING -

Jamie Smith from The XX reworked Adele's latest track, Rolling in the Deep, the other night live at Boiler Room. He absolutely murked the track, it sounds so SICK, as if the original wasn't good enough. Jamie went in hard for this one, cannot rate this remix enough (even with the guy talking over it). Everyone prefers this remix over the original, but I'm going to stay neutral: I appreciate them BOTH! There was a video ripped from the ustream but it got deleted of Youtube *mega sad face* I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! However, The track is on Blah Blah Blah Science, so click the link and have a LISTEN. I hope it gets released officially. You will not be disappointed, be sure to ignore the guy talking about snow and Ginger Beer over such amazingness. (..I think the excessive use of "!!" and capital letters emphasises how I feel about the track...)

Update: Found another Youtube video of  the live set! Lets see how long this one stays up for...

Oh, and I'm really feeling Jamie XX's remix of Gil Scott-Heron's track, New York is Killing Me. Jamie  reworked the whole of Gil Scott-Heron's 2010 album 'I'm New Here', renamed 'We're New Here', with the official release on the 21st Feb 2011. Should be a good one, no doubt. Anyway here is the video for the remix, the drop is TOO HARD:

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Mina said...

Love Adele!! x

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