Thursday, 2 December 2010

H&M at Brooklyn Flea Market

As if I need more reason to go back to NYC, totally just added to my 'places to visit in NY' list. This list is getting mega long, especially with all the food recommendations from Yoshi's blog, like for real, she knows how to eat, and how to eat WELL; my kind of girl. She titles food/restaurant posts "Because I am Fat.." : GENIUS. If there is one thing I love more than country hopping, it is trying and eating new foods from the land. Steph and I had more than the odd few bad food experiences in Barcelona: we discovered Time Out Guide to Barcelona  (ahem...places to eat section) a little too late.

Anyway, going slightly off track, the distraction of food and such. H&M visiting Brooklyn Flea Market:

1 comment:

Rachy said...

OMG I want to go back to NYC right now...just to go here!

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