Friday, 16 October 2009

Tacky Love

There really is something spectacular about tacky 'in-your-face' branding that just appeals to me . Be it the real deal logos, or, even better, the fake tack! I am not saying I would rock a replica bag (thanks, but no thanks, really), but a high street store using the iconic interlocked C's as 'inspiration' on a tee? Yes, the fuck please.

chanel peace

faux chanel

faux chanel

Rocked nicely with the 'never leave my thighs' jeggings (for the next few months anyway) and my brand spanking new Nike Air Maxims! From £90 to a sweet £27.90? Hell yes, I copped them, even if I am pound-less for the rest of the month. Although I have to say, they are the LEAST comfortable kicks I own. These badboys actually make my feet ache, and people are supposed to use Nike Plus with these and run in them? That's a joke because I can't even walk around Oxford Street for four hours when I wear them.

Oh and, yeah, copped three pairs of trainers in one week. I think I went a little bit overboard. Not cool (but my feet will look hot..). Maxims, Jordan 1s and Jordan 60+:

new kicks


lalaliybean said...

yummmm.. those jays!!!

♥KiMMiE said...

I'm jealous. You stay fresh my dear ;)

LANA said...

love your sneakers, especially those maxims!

and cool outfit!

rachy said...

u cow..I wanted the jordan 60+.....i'm overly hating!!

everybodyfallingdown said...

oh que camiseta y que pantaloneees (LLL)

un besazoo

nepu said...

love the shoes !!!

Rebecca said...

hhaha so many trainers, i dont think ive known anyone to have so many, but there all so nice.
i love the jeggins too x

an jaeden said...

sneakers my kinda girl ;) and glad u enjoyed the video lol cus i did hahahh

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