Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A Different Kind of Cool

I swear, I do not remember me as a kid looking this cool. I don't get it? I know its a new time, new era, but seriously, if the kids aged 10-ish are looking like little hipsters there is really no hope for the twenty-somethings of the world. Obviously, not all kids dress like mini-trendsters waiting to be snapped by the likes of Mark 'The Cobrasnake' (not that 10 year olds should be at those parties until the early hours of the morning drinkin', smokin' with big things poppin'...but you know what I mean...), and some do actually dress like the child they are supposed to be. Anyway, I want to be down with these kids, just so they can bring me an extra helping of cool and cute.


where the wild things

(Just thought to add this photograph of a scene from Where the Wild Things At because it is too damn cute)

And, its not just the decade old kids that are killing it style wise either, it the under 18s too. I work in a shopping centre in a relatively well off area of London. Every time I see them, they are head-to-toe in the latest 'in trend' goods. Yes, their look is predictable, yes, they all look the same, but there is no doubt that they can all pull it off and look good. Gosh, they make me feel old and un-cool.

And, teenage boys, please stop looking older than 20. Because, I as a 21 year old female, along with many of my 21 year old (sometimes +) female friends, really really do not appreciate being deceived into checking you guys out...then on closer inspection noticing that you are still a kid (in our eyes). It really is not fair. Thank You Please.


rio tapatio said...

Hahah ohmygosh girl, you are so right on that. Why is it the younger are looker older these days?!?!? Ridiculous.


Kb said...

I know how you feel, some 16 year olds wear more make-up than me! When I was young, I looked like an idiot but I think it's made me a better person today.

Strutt said...

I knoew exactly what you mean. I work in H&M and the little girls that shop there amaze me. I had a group of 8/9 yr old cool hipster looking girls in my store-my pride stopped me from asking where she got her jacket from.

And I'm totally with you on the boy tip. I'm currently crushing on an 18yr old. I can't believe it, but I found out his way too late, otherwise I would have been able turn myself off of him.

Faridah said...

Tell me about it! When I see these kids looking so fresh and hip I already begin to feel my wrinkles prickle and feel my outfit looking dated. I never looked cool at their age! They seem to have the upper hand of rich parents and good, young, taste.

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks so so much for the comment on my blog girl !!

I really love love these photos ! but when I was younger,I didn't really put much makeup so I guess its good.

Yeaaa,don't know where younger and younger girls dressing older nowadays !

Tyrael said...

R-Pie you little asian lady, i remember you wearing makup with your hair gel'd to your head at 15, and them kids got money to dress up in West mayneee, not many trend setters i see around Totty.... just sayin ;-)

Bring Sexy back Rach

Izzy "Elizabeth" Eliza said...

Kids nowadays are so grown its kinda scary, lol. I used to work at the kiddies section at H&M and a lot of the time the kids in there dressed better than the adults.

But i think it has alot to do with the fact that fashion and trends are much more accesable/affordable theses day, cause even 4/5 years ago you wouldnt be able to get such on trend clothing for such a cheap price.....just wish the girls in Peckham would catch on, lol.

Ally said...

You right girl!
Sometimes I saw some kids who look older than me (and Im 23 years old =S)
Ok I admit I dress like a 16years old girl sometimes xD

Ashley said...

those kids got style.

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