Monday, 28 September 2009

Stripes Spots Studs

My three favourite S's

stripes spots studs

Another favourite "S" I could also add is shiny. But, I have always learnt from a very young age that three describing words are more effective than four.

Peep the faux Chanel peeping out the bag..tacky galour. Yum. Until I can afford the real-deal..


vans half cab Vs Studded goods

Fact: Verticle stripes are very fattening. Rachie Fact: I love black and white stripes, so fuck it.

These are some pictures from a night out with my Nike work buddies. We ended up on a piece of grassy land somewhere in central London. I wore H&M dress, car boot sale polka dot shirt, plenty of gold jewels from random high street stores and my new favourite shoes from Aldo. I got told one to many times I looked like a pirate. Hot.

Dirty Little Style Slut - Quite frankly, you are my favourite Tumblr bloggy thing. Ever.

Love. Wierd thing it is. I love Samira. Samira, your smooth, leathery skin I adore. You look distressed, but I will care for you all winter. The ruffles, a little bit strange, but I love nonetheless. I want your daddy Kurt Geiger to approve of our relationship. But, he won't give you up unless I fork out 250 quid. I'm broke. But, I am willing to be deadbeat broke. So long as you grace the soles of my feet. Samira ankle boots from Solea brand at Kurt Geiger, I love you.

For another £784, totalling over 1000 British chincillas together with the Geiger booties, I could also get this perfect chunky gold quilted Chanel necklace by Susan Caplan Vintage. I can dream, make your dreams come true and hit if you can afford it. Make me jealous.


Jocelynne said...

I loove your outfit, especially the shoes. I don't see the whole pirate thing though haha :) x

Mouf.Peace said...

i love when u match but don't match :) lurve the outfit.

LANA said...

love your triple S outfit and just adore those SHOES!

everybodyfallingdown said...

i love your H&M dress¡¡¡¡

gracias por pasartee muchoos besooos :D


Mila said...

Wow amazing boots!!!I want them :)

Marina Siero said...

owww, i love this pics!
you had much fun don't you?
i like your blog, i'm adding you right now to my blogroll.


yoshi said...

OOOMMGGGG - i NEED them samira's and yay! you got the aldo's - although, i think they run a little tight no?

♥KiMMiE said...

that chanel necklace is to die for!!!! Miss trendsetter!!!!!

Yinka said...

Oh rach!!!!! I can only advise!!!!!!

Those boots are hot!!!!my time, perfect length...but i wanna reach in my screen and rip of those damn ruffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

errrrrrm is dat chanel chain necessary!!!!!!!!! how much monies!!! HAHAHAAHAH UR FUNNY!!!!

UXIETTA said...

Thanks for writing me. I like your style, love leopard print and lace tights!

your skirt is amazing! it looks perfects in your body!

i follow you!


Anonymous said...

wow i love those shoes! cant believe youre not wearing a pair of nikes!

an jaeden said...

love the cc neckace ahhh!

NIC-KIA said...

ur fit is fucknn amazing!
u make everything hawt!
studs are so banginn right now!
im craving some Chanel studs!

AMIT said...

Its a nice and lovely outfit.

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