Monday, 28 September 2009

Speaking a Dead, Dead Language

Current I am working for Nike, so one day I can be like Mr. Nike bossman and have tonnes of OG Nike shoe boxes filled with monies. Whether or not this is achievable anytime soon is a whole different story:

Image from: A Visual Orgasm

Currently I am wanting this Where The Wild Things At one piece from Opening Ceremony. Everyone who knows me, knows this is my ultimate favourite childhood book, along with A Necklace of Raindrops. This is all before the hysteria surrounding the movie started by the way. This one piece is so cool. The perfect safety blanket. The perfect Halloween costume, you don't have to look a slut, remember? Its Halloween.

Photo from: The Adventures of Yoshi

Currently waiting for this issue of Another Man to be released. With the one and only Robert 'Leg Humpable' Pattinson gracing the front cover. James Dean inspired looks. Oh My, Hot Damn What A Man. I love the last photo of him. I need this magazine, I do not care that none of my friends see his hotness...well it bugs me a little...because LOOK AT HIM:

Currently listening to Joy Williams - Speaking a Dead Language. Just watched the new episode of Grey's Anatomy and this song was playing during a sad scene. I hate, but love (?), that this is the only show on TV that can break me and make me shamefully tearful after every episode. This song has the same effect, but only because it has been etched in my mind with the sad scene from Grey's Anatomy :-(. This song for some odd reason makes me want to go back to New York? Baffling! The title of this post is also a lyric from this amazing song:


D. said...

you are by far the most perfect person to work for nike. swears it!

Anonymous said...

i want that box o monies!!

Kb said...

I want that magazine, watched Twilight for the first time the other day, very nice indeed. I can see why my friend is totally obsessed. Have fun working at Nike.

Mayke said...

robert pattinson = hotttt!

Bang Bang said...

I love those pictures of Robert Pattinson. Its okay we see the sexiness Imma go stare at them some more lol

C.Chico said...

woohoo welcome to team nike

NIC-KIA said...

you have the perfect job!
u work for NIKE!
lucky betchh!
& i love the fact that u clownin soooo over it....

-Darling Nikky of Tasteless Diamonds

♥KiMMiE said... love!!!

I know what you mean..It bugs me that my sisters think he's ugly.. He's sexy, how can anyone not be turned on..lolx

Coco Pine said...

chic pea!! long time!! yes I do like the visual of the nikeshoebox with money, its genuis b/c it sort of highlights the plight of economics and child slavery to make that the trainers for the box....but anyway I digress..sorry!!

rob pat--- you know how i feel

black boots---I LOVE it, but YSL are doing a high heeled version (£990) and its just the sex, the sex i tell u! so I went and brought some £30 ones in H&M not the same but hey

Kay ♥ said...

omgahhhhhh i want that costume too!!!! but its $610!!! ughhh

&& i am beyond excited for that movie :D

r.patz <3333333

Anonymous said...

what friends are these????? kmttt!!!

you know how i feel boyyy!!

Soon come!!!!!xxxx

Lok-yinLok-yin said...

I know that song!!! Do you know the song Sunny day of Joy Williams? I love the song Speaking A Dead Language. But when I am happy, I listen always to Sunny day haha


Alex Bandit said...

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