Monday, 17 August 2009

Love Affair With San Diego Beaches,Sephora Blue L22 and Lace Jordan 1s

Hey heeyyy... yes sir, yes sir, I have jumped back on the 'taking pictures of myself' train, just like the good ol' pre-lazy blogging days!

san dieago beaches

Today I opted for a Primark leopard printed (surprised?)/zebra stripped/polka dotted combo cropped top - although it does not seem so "cropped" in the pictures - my H&M skirt, and teamed with the latest trainer to be worn to death in my kicks-drobe...the lacy Jordan 1s. Gosh, I love them. Thank-You Nike.

If you haven't guessed already, my love affair with San Diego Beaches has nothing to do with the sun, sea or sand in California. No no no, I have never been to oh-so-sweet-Cali, as much as I would love to fall in love with the city. However, I have painted my nails with this lovely, lovely, shade of what nail lacquer brand "Top Model" thinks San Diego Beaches would be like in nail polish form. This is the most amazing shade of luminous corally-pink, a shade which no other nail lacquer brand has been able to imitate. Thus, failing to satisfy my need of this love affair I am having right about now, a love affair that is about to die and fizzle out because....the bottle is near running out, its at that thick, gloopy stage. You see, I have no idea who purchased, or where this perfect shade of pink was purchased. It sucks even more because this is obviously a cheap brand, which I am sure I must of picked up on my many travels (meh..3) to NYC in one of those hair stores. If you guys can help me find love again, please please send me a bottle of "TOP Model" in "6, San Diego Beaches" or point me in the right direction of nail polish love. And, whilst you are at it, there is no Sephora in London. I found the perfect shade of blue in the form of L22 at Sephora's. Send that also. Muchos Love.


I went to dinner with one of my old high school buddies, who missed out on my birthday karaoke celebrations and decided to treat me to a birthday dinner because he felt so bad :-) *I think I should make my friends feel bad more often*. We unanimously agreed we have known each other for ten years (although we only starting speaking 8 years ago...), which makes us feel super old. Gosh, turning 21 in a couple of days...age ain't a thannggg to me, but when you realise you know people for such a long period of time it makes you actually realise how old you are right? I guess I was just a bit shocked at the whole "Bruv, I've know you for a decade" conversation. Anyway, today I was an inspiration to my decade long friend, "Tyrael" (real name Law-Paw) who has now decided to make a blog!! Its called, well, TyraelUK and this will be the spot where he will post random Vlogs of his going on out and about London town. Check out his blog *click click y'all* and the first thing you will see is a YouTube still of my huge-ass face plastered across his blog...not a good look. Actually, I have no shame..I SHALL POST IT ON HERE TOO. In this Vlog, you will get to hear my hideous voice. Please refrain from laughing and just being outright shocked, do not judge me from said dodgy voice...enjoy?


Tyrael said...

Rachie Pie, stop revealing our secrets man, a Decade of Tyrael for ya ;-) how does it feel?

Anyway nice video, whose dat good lookin guy in da vid? that Asian girl in your video was all over him. Tell him hes great the next time you see him ;-)

Rachie-Pie said...

you fooooll. stupid ass.

Tyrael said...

lol @ the name Rachie-Pie

Rachie-Pie said...

stop spamming my comments.

Kb said...

Love the blatant plugging of the site. It's weird I've known my friends for 10 years too, it's my birthday now and i've been reflecting a lot. And your face is great.

Winnie said...

I know it is so wierd realising that you've known some of your friends that long. I've known my best friends now for almost 12 years! Scaarrry!

You guys look like you always have loads of fun together! Oh yes voices to faces...I love seeing bloggers and their vlogs.

AMIT said...

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x..NoTouchLing..x said...

ooh turnpike laane...ex boyfriend memories..! lol
LOVE the blog..!..x

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