Sunday, 30 August 2009

Josh Beech - Hot Damn, What a Man 1.0

A few months back, whilst on my many travels into the heart of London ( no doubt) I was bombarded with reoccurring images; images which somewhat made my journeys that MUCH more enjoyable. Oh yes, another hot ass Levi's advertising campaign, featuring a hot ass male model. Josh Beech. From Bromley, south London. Was the lead singer of rock band snish (their music is actually good, no bias!!), now the lead singer of Hildamay (they are signed now ;-D). Man oh man, what a man indeed.

His hot ass, lean, half naked, tattooed torso was in the faces of every woman who travelled on the London underground, who looked up onto the side of the big red London bus. You would walk past his face (and body ;-D) on the way to your designated Underground platform, whilst you waited that mere 2 minuted for the next train, whilst you walked on Oxford Street and stared at the buses waiting at the traffic lights, whilst those buses picked up customers; it was a delightful sight indeed. Forget about the Levi 501 relaunch advertising campaign, forget about denim altogether! We wanted to know "who the MAN be!", I did anyway...and so did many of my buddies.

josh beech 2

Oh how I loved it.

Anyway, the point of this post is. Beech has disappeared of the London billboards, advertising spaces on the Underground and the friggin' buses. Yes, I know adverts are forever changing...but, how I miss this particular campaign's attempt to make me buy some Levis. It made my day that much brighter. It made for conversations between my buddies. Man, it made me bloody smile (and stare). And now, instead, we have a sneezing (with a hella load of saliva) middle-aged man to ogle on the walk to the designated Underground platform and whilst we wait for the trains to come (2mins seems a lot longer now...) Swine flu is fatal, it is more important than a bit of eye candy, but...I can't help but be disappointed.

If Josh Beech told me to "Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.", I would do it in a hot minute. I hear he hangs out in Bromley pubs, I think I need to go on a Bromley Pub crawl.

Josh beech 1

(*sigh*, he feels my disappointment too)

josh beech 3

(This is Josh's - yes, we are on first name terms ahem - get up when he frequents Bromely pubs ;-D)

josh beech 3

(I have ran out of witty photo comments. Just look. And appreciate.)

I love this snish track, Wishing Well. Check snish Myspace for a better quality version, this really just sounds like noise but its the best YouTube has to offer...

I think I may make "Hot Damn, What a Man" a regular feature on the blog. My buddy, CocoPine, has "Man Meat" (rather graphic, I know haha!) on her blog and she never, ever features any guys to my taste. In your face beettcchh, I got me my own ;-D.

Thank you ladies and gentleman, Josh Beech has debuted in Hot Damn, What a Man on Leopard Print and Lace. Hope you enjoyed ;-). Click on COUTE QUE COUTE for an amazing Josh Beech collage, oh, and each photograph is high resolution.


LANA said...

Wow that man is hot. Wish I could see that add every morning walking that long walk to the busses. We have a half-naked Keira with a photoshopped boob for Chanel..

sandraaa_xo said...

he certainly looks hot in the levi ad. he looks kinda thuggish in the other one. still something about him lol. thanks for bringing this to my attention :D
will check out his music


Anonymous said...

hahahaha the first picture is my desktop background!!!! i love him!!!!

check out my post on him from a while ago

Emy Augustus said...

hahaaa... i look forward to your future choices of hot guys.

glad ur back and yes i drew it.

Winnie said...

Ew I hate the Swine flu adverts too. Gross. I definitely say bring back the eye candy and adverts that make me want to shop rather than look the other way.

NIC-KIA said...


Yinka said...

lool!!! i just had an image of u stalkin around Bromley pubs!!!!! he's cute.....but u kno my type rach, we need a 'manly' man, this ones too scrawny!!!!

Ancsi aka AnC said...

I just now looked through ur blog and im wondering how many pairs of kicks do u have? Have u ever counted 'em? Anyways i looooove sneakers!!!!

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