Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Bandwagon

Oh yes. Me and Stephie-Pie - The Ultimate Leopard Print and Lace Duo - have succumb to the stalker society once again, and joined, like millions, to TWITTER!!! Not that it is particularly exciting, nor am I that excited. We should not have done this due to our masses of work etc but like losers with no will power, we did. So now we invite all you lovelies to stalk us:

I am my alter ego: SuperNoodleRach

Stephie-Pie is: Well...

Follow our twitter! I currently have 2 followers and following 5...with 15 updates....the good life eh?

Stalk us bitches.

And give us your Twitter names in the comments so we can stalk you right back.

*edit* God this shizz is addictive! Thank goodness I don't have a blackberry/iphone!


stephyy said...



Coco Pine said...

you losers!!
no I'm just hating b/c I have no friends, glad you got got it tho, its making me laugh ur and steph's convo's
virtual bullying 2, loves it!!

M. said...

Strangely I started tweeting today ;D
It's like an omen. Or no.

btw, http://www.twitter.com/daubed

Emy Augustus said...

i knew it! when i saw the title on my blog roll i just knew it. lol. *feels pleased with myself*
going there right now to 'follow' you.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the twitter world!!!!


http://twitter.com/shantelligent YOU'LL BE A TWITTAHOLIC IN NO TIME LOL

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

ahhhh they got you too!!! lol

Noshabelle said...

I just added you on twitter, add me too! ;)


Nana said...

It's inevitable LOL


Camtien. said...

Bandwagon never hurts :)


Anonymous said...

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