Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tribal Leopard Kitty Kat Kat: Where the Jordans At!

I succumb to using Photobucket yet again, even after they treated me badly by replacing my photographs on the blog with their logo. Flickr’s photograph sizes just don’t do it for me! Medium is too small, yet large is humongous! Photobucket has the best sizing photographs, even if the bandwidth allowance is pretty shitty. I created another account, I think I will just keep rotating where I upload pictures, just so I don't put myself in the same situation where 3 months worth of blog posts photographs go AWOL!

Today I wore the Tribal Leopard Kitty Kat Kat outfit to work! I got the skirt in F21 when I was out in NYC, and to be honest, forgot about it! This is only because...well...I didn't really unpack my luggage properly until...last week...during my tidy session! I did unpack my suitcase, only to repack it all into smaller bags to put away, I just never had time! I also got 10% of because some chick with a big ass popped the zip stitching, but Rachy soon fixed that up for me! I teamed with my tribal over sized tee from Topshop and my Nike Jordan's. Obviously, I never wore them in my room, but I took a picture for you guys anyway:

I also got this in NYC, last June! They are pretty much murked now after one year! To be honest, after wearing them for a week in NY they were already done in! I don't understand why though, are the NY streets that much dirtier than London? None of my kicks from London looked so mashed and dirty after a week's wear! Its a shame, I love these just because they are so plain and simple!! I will wear nonetheless, well until the soles start smoking up and melting!

Oh and my nails:

Might I add, done all by myself (^_^)! Believe it, I even managed to do my right hand, but no where near as neat as my left obviously (I am right handed). The camera made it look orange, when it is actually the hottest Barbie pink! What a shame! And yes, that is one of my school books that I paint my nails on lol! Oh, and it doubles up as a food mat ;-)! See how dedicated to education I am? When I paint my nails or eat my food, I have to look down at this text book thus, making me feel guilty for eating/painting when I should really be educating my brain.

I can't stop listening to Santogold ft Amanda Blank Diplo remix of "I'm a Lady"...yes I am late but whatever! By the way, I think we should ALL BOYCOTT YOUTUBE for taking the piss out of our need for using it as a music player. All my favourites have now turned into 3 minute still-shots with no sound or "Video Unavailable"! I can't find ANY videos! None, I just keep landing in on 'random person version of popular song'...I don't want to hear you and your guitar's acapella version, thank you very much! Anyway check out this CUT and extremely short version of Santogold/Amanda Blank:

Oh and thank you to everyone who visits Leopard Print & Lace
and for showing your love through comments and by following our blog! Much appreciated guys! And more so to the fellow bloggers who leave long and insightful comments which tell me you read all of my shizz, even if it is just blah!

Oooo I LOVE PHOTOBUCKET old-post photos have all reappeared YIIPPPEPEEEEE!!!!


Winnie said...

Seriously, you must have the steadiest hands ever to be able to paint your nails like that! Wow!

Love the skirt and so funny you didn't unpack right away. Whenever I arrive home I unpack asap because I am a bit of a neat freak!

Lesley said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I think yours is soo cool! And I love your outfit! I need a leopard skirt!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Whenever I do my nails by myself they always come out so screwed! lol Yours look excellent ;)

Kay said...

do my nails next please! yeahhhhhhh imagine walking around nyc with flip flops (never again) my feet were so dirtyy lmao grossss..

i love santo gold && ur blog is awesome so of course ill come to it haha

KB said...

Woop de woop!
I'm slightly tipsy!
But thanks for your comments!!!!
I will read this again properly!

rio tapatio said...

thatta girl, getting on your amanda blank. thats what i like to hear. mmm &&that skirt is fire. :)

She's Dressing Up said...

Your nails look amazing! I'm so awful at nail painting =[. Love the leopard print skirt! And I am very unhappy with Youtube aswell, almost everything I want to watch/listen to claims its "unavailable in your country" eugh!

Anonymous said...

omg amaze nails and i love that skirt!
thanks for the loevly comment:))

Emy Augustus said...

hahaha that paragraph about painting ur nails on the text book was funny.

that's a good song. now i have it in my head.

sandraaa_xo said...

that outfit is amazing :D

Tiana Couture's Addict said...

waouh I love your skirts! I just add you on my blogRoll!
just amazing!

Noshabelle said...

Oh my, love those nails, sweety! And the outfit is awesome! Santogold is cool!

Haha, yeah well. No more GG post for a while I think. :P I need a change. Haha! I had a lot of fun in Denmark, it was different and very interesting. x

KB said...

Right, now for a more sober comment:
YouTube annoys me as well, there's so many vids that have been removed due to copyright issues, so it's tricky to listen to a full length version of any song. I had a tidy session as well, so now my room is sorted into zones once more (beauty, cleanliness, uni) and i found random leftover bits from the Angels Sale I need to wash.
Cool nails and outfit, you work the leopard print so well!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Fierceness everywhere, the skirt, tshirt, nails and nikes!!

Kisa Zoea said...

OMG great job on the left handed and feel backwards painting nails as is....that would be a mess if i'd done

rubot said...

those nails!! i am beyond jealousy of your surgeon-like steady handed skillz.

and loving the outfit, as per usual.

and glad that your photos are all back!!:]


Denise said...

cute nails. i love it.
visit me sometime.

have a great day!

withasianstereotypes said...

I LOVE your shoes and your nails baby. The whole outfit works *snaps fingers* I-love-it. That skirt and tee and a want/need/love. Looking hot babycakes.

KISS, China L.

FashionSqueah! said...

I love that skirt, I think the USA should send F21 over in exchange for Topshop! Fierce nails as always! Char x

Georgie said said...

Those high tops are amazing, If I had a pair like those then they would be destroyed very quickly from wearing them all the time.
And how could you forget about that skirt?! It's amazing.

I can just about manage to paint my nails with one colour, my hands are so unsteady, so I am amazed when people pull off nails like yours.

DaisyChain said...

your nails are fantastic.

Kay said...

I am liking the tribal, animal print vibe. Nice onee.
Also your nails! How did you do them yourself?! I can't even do block colour right on my right hand... you never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

ah woman you nails! love love love

Anonymous said...

how did you do that btw?

♥KiMMiE said...

lets do each others nails! and after that i can look through ur closet..ehehe

Carsi said...

saw you're nails on Don't Trip Yet, the leopard print is something I think I'll try in the very near future. Love "I'm a Lady (remix)" and can't wait for Amanda Blank's album to come out :-)

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