Friday, 20 March 2009

When The Gold Doorknockers Knock Doors

Ms. Hood and Proper recently posted about her collection of hot broken earrings: WASTED! They are all broken because she raves and dances too hard when she goes out! I have been meaning to do a post on my collection of fake gold goods, so here it is! As you can tell from my last post, I am a bit of a hoarder, or rather, a collector of some sort. Speaking of which, Frock Around the Clock left a comment on that post and said "Just keep it all and pile it high! :)"...My kinda girl!! High 5!

My proud collection! All of these are cheapo earrings, but the cheaper and tackier the better in my eyes! If its cheap, I can buy more! I think the most expensive are the shell pair which were like £11, I did haggle, and this was the best deal but this is only because they are vintage! I am pretty sure I have more, but those have rusted or changed colour so they are not blog worthy! Quick fake gold trip: To maintain the golden colour, coat then in a clear nail polish before you wear them, double coat if needed especially if you use products in your hair which can transfer to the earrings and cause it to change colour!

I know I keep moaning about university and what-not but I need it out of my system! I have one month, yes ONE MONTH, to complete 7 pieces of work including my dissertation. Bar the dissertation, each piece is an average of 3000 words! ARGGGgggg! And to make matters worse, one of my lecturers (...who has deserted us in the last few vital weeks and run off to write a book...) just emailed me some feedback for an earlier piece, in which he said it was "OK, but not brilliant". Thanks for that Sir, telling me know when I can't do nothing about it, making me feel depressed about the outcome of my final year in University. I emailed him, saying that his work is hardly the easiest in the course (he has given us the most work...), and he replies, I quote, "No-one said the module was going to be easy...and really, if you think Uni is hard...well, what can I say....? You're bright and with application you could do very well. Let's not talk about your ability to concentrate in seminars, eh..." !!! WHAT! What does that mean, bright with application?! And a bit harsh no? Take it personal why don't you! So I admit I don't participate in class, and I won't deny the fact that I strain to stay awake, but that was not really necessary in an email was it? I am not a confident speaker hence why I do not participate in the seminars, plus we have a few loud mouths who like to say everything, so why should I contribute if I have nothing new to add?! I have always said I express myself better through the way I write; in person...well I am a bit of a dweeb, I jumble and always mispronounce words, basically I am pretty shitty at selling myself in person. BLAH! I am basically going to be under house arrest until I finish all this work, which is a damn shame because the WEATHER IS LOOKING GOOODD! I am pretty much spoiling my panties at the moment, I really want to get a good BA Honors...this £9000+ I have borrowed to pay for it has to be worth something!!

Whilst we are on the subject of money: the credit crunch. I was a bit perplexed by the whole situation, too many people telling me too much making me all confused as to what the hell it was. M.I.S.S. recently posted these animated videos called "The Crisis of Credit" by Jonathan Jarvis which is basically a dummies guide to how it all started. It really helped me understand (!!), and its fun to watch, read the M.I.S.S post here, and check out the videos:

Whilst you are paying the ladies at M.I.S.S. a visit, check out my recent post about Stussy's Spring 2009 collection: "Ladies, Spring 2009 Belongs to Stussy"!!

*Apologies* about the older posts with the lack of pictures due to Photobucket and their minimal bandwidth allowance! As soon as I have time, I will replace ALL lost photos!! Don't let that deter you from reading this blog :-D

Also my girl; fellow M.I.S.S intern, Isis wrote some sweet words about me on her tumblr blog!! Check out her blog! She is seriously the sweetest chick ever and we are both obessed with Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes...oh and did I mention that BOTH of our boyfriends look like him!?! Of course, the look-a-like factor has nothing to do with why we are with them...! She loves Travis so much she has a Tumblr blog just like he has, which means we can't show love through comments on her blog!


Jen said...

Oh I love gigantic tacky earrings, you have such a great collection!

Don't worry about uni! You will get it all done :) and maybe your tutor is just trying to give you some extra motivation because he really thinks you should do amaaazingly?! x

KB said...

I think I understand...I think. Damn this credit crunch, so depressing. Will I ever have a house???
Hope the writing goes well, I need to do a lot of work over Easter to make sure I pass the year. I like the graphic prints on the Stussy stuff, I've seen a lot of swimsuits I want to wear as bodysuits too. Maybe I'll pluck up the courage one day...

Rai said...

I love my big earrings, especially door knockers! LOVING YOURS, GIRL!

Girl Props has some hot door knockers. CHECK THEM OUT!!

Kayta said...

Rachie! Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love finding awesome reads, and your blog is somewhere I'm definitely going to stay!
Okay so the earring collection is awesome. I am a massive earring collecter although the doorknocker trend is yet to take off here in Melbourne so when I find some I load up.
Also - woohoo we both intern for MISS!
And excuse you for having a bf that looks like Travie! He is only my dream man. Mmmm.

haha x

Rai said...

Check out Karmaloop!
They have some hot earrings.

Anonymous said...

those earrings are FIERCE!loving the shells..i really should get some tacky earrings now and wear with liquid eyeliner,lily allen style!

India said...

haha I should do same.. I got so many mix with fakes too and yes I do that coat thing to all of the fake ones haha I hate when the metal start to stinks yuck

Anonymous said...

ughhh i have a collection of single earrings cause i always loose mine...or they fall into the train tracks :(

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the cat/tiger earrings & the huge twisted ones [both in the 2nd pic]. i can`t find any like the large twisted here. =(

lipstick cherry said...

love them all!

Carsi said...

love doorknockers can't wear them everyday ( I work in a library :-/) My favorite accessory stores always has their earrings at 2/$5 and sometimes buy 2 get 2 free so I'm always buying. Definitely with you on the clear nail polish it helps save so much cheap-o jewelry :-)

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

My favorites are definitely the leopard heads! So Cartier!


Charmaine said...

i can barely ever earrings cause my ears are so sensitive.. so sad!!! very impressive collection though!

stephyy said...

man Ive been trying to look for earrings that good loookinn! lol haven't had luck yet though :/

Kay said...

ahh ur collection is so cuuute!

how u been??

LANA said...

You're doorknockers collection is dope girl!

FashionSqueah! said...

Loving the earrings collection, I can't wear big hoops (or really any hoops!) becuase it takesd me back to my chav days but you always rock them well! Char x

Emy Augustus said...

ur rants are cool.

and haha, when you said you lived in the city, i immediatley thought nyc and forgot you live in england. lol. so yes in nyc there are no foxes or really, any animal bigger than a squirrel.

Jazzle Dazzle said...

cute earrings! I'm so trying that tip.. I've got triangle bamboo ones that I've only worn twice and it's a disgusting gray/brown rusty colour now. following ur blog darl x

DaisyChain said...

Love your earring collection, I have some great vintage pairs I need to wear out more.

Awesome Randomness said...

you have some cool earrings lol

I loved the videos BTW I understand the situation a whole lot better now...thank you for that

♥ Mizz Kellz said...

i love mee my massive earrings,
my "Ghetto earrings",
Is what I call em..
but its getting hard to find them these days : (
thanx for the tip too..
my earrings were JUST starting to loose their color!

Noshabelle said...

Woho, I have like one similar earrings like you, darling! Haha, I just had to say it. I LOVE giant earrings, it's so fab! Great collection!

Well, answere to your question: Yes, it's J.Lo in the first pic. She looks stunning! And her butt might be photoshoped? :P I have no idea!! x

Anonymous said...

love ur earrings collection!!!

♥KiMMiE said...

dang girl.. share those earrings with me lol they're all hotttt

Tashia said...

Love that store.
You know.. it's funny you mentioned how to preserve your earrings, because I've been pondering that for a while. Thanks for sharing!

Jo Fuertes-Knight said...

oh dear! you're my new favourite person...I have about five of the same earrings as you. I don't fucking care if I'm in pain with bleeding ears and dodgy cheap metal earrings!

MissBrownSkin said...

Yezzur! Dope Collection you've got there! Lool
Sadly my mahoooosive collection is dying down due to sometimes I forget to do the damn polish on Em' n start wearin em like a damn fool KMT!
but yeah lookin to widen my collection & im gonna go to LDN for some variety(Nottinghams Dryin' Up & We're All Wearing The Same Earrings :| NOT Good!)
Luckily Ive Got A Few Special Editions To My Collection That Keeps Me Fresh ;)
Soooo anywayyy, best place/market to shop for big fake-ass gold doorknockers in Ldn? Figured You'd be the best person 2 ask! :)
Keep Blogging!

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