Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Staying Fresh From our Heads to Our Tippy-Toes... not as easy as it looks you know! Sometimes we have moments like this:

These, my fellow leopard print-ers and lace-ers are Sketchers. Sketchers which are sold in our high street, oh yes! What the fug indeed muther chuckers! This is Kara of Hood and Proper blog and myself in our hotspot at the beginning of February, and when we hit our spot yesterday, believe it or not but that these hot mamas are still there ;-)! pah-ha-ha! The joke is:
  • They are charging £19.99 for them
  • They must have cost at least £50 originally
  • If there is only one pair left here, surely some people out there in the United Kingdom actually bought these shoes AND wore them
  • They appear to be from Spice Girl's hey-day, yet they are still here, in 2-0-0-9, so they must have been made recently
  • Someone in Sketcher's HQ actually designed this shoe
  • Someone in Sketcher's HQ actually gave this shoe the all clear to put these on the market
  • Someone in Sketcher's HQ actually signed the cheques of the people who designed and cleared the selling of this sham of a shoe
  • A friend on Facebook actually believed I was on this shoe, and that I bought this shoe. Clearly they do not know me very well!

Sketchers Pink Platform: FAIL!

Rachel and getting on with University work: EPIC FAIL!

Oh, speaking of footwear, Irregular Choice are giving 10% off your first online purchase, check my MISS post for more details here!


rio tapatio said...

LOL. word. those got bad, and not in a good way, written all over them.

musikseven/Kara Sudoku-Mishap said...

Our bet is still on you might be laughin at them now but trust me.....wen 1st May comes around if I win the bet YOU WILL WEAR THESE OUT ON ROAD AND I WILL BE WALKING WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY TO LAUGH and take pics 2 post them up on the blog muahaahahaha!
and guys don't listen when she says she has failed uni....i hardly even turn up to our classes haha!

Bombchell said...

wow those are some platforms. unique. lol

C a t r i n a said...

Woah, you have some fierceness !:D

Anonymous said...

lol those are pretty hideous
but they are attracting me slowly

Frock Around the Clock said...

Oh my god! I so would have bought these just incase I ever went to a spice girls themed party - you never know it could happen. Oh how I miss the days of platform trainers! Hahaha did you used to have a pair of the black and white ones that EVERYONE had? I did but I wasn't allowed them for aaages because my mum hated them. I wonder if they've just been hidden in a stock room for the past decade or something? :) x

stephyy said...

lmao! I use to own a pair like those back in the day when Spice Girls took over the wrld, wow Idk what I was thinkinggg

Yvonne said...

i never liked platforms... i remember in middle school all-white platforms were popular.
the pink ones look like something a bratz doll would wear!
BUT i do love ur colors in the first pic... with the hat and the blue jacket trim.

viva la mixed girl . said...

whoaaaa @ the shoes !


hehehe, you comment on my other blog. I have 2 mitica and mitica illustrations.

Nice 2 meet you!!

Kay said...

lmaooo @ ur friend copying u omgggg.... them shits are ughhh

Rachie-Pie said...

Kay: nahhh!! we both had to do it LOL it was too jokes, spes as it was two sizes to big!!!

Noshabelle said...

Haha! You used Muther Chucker! Awesome!

And those shoes make me think of when Spice Girls took over the world. It was not my best time, just so you know. He he. So I wouldn't wear that anywhere. But that's me. Haaha!

India said...

haha this remind me of spice girls

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