Monday, 23 February 2009

This Bitch is Back in Town

My six day trip has made me realise that I still love New York, even with the crappy wet and windy weather which is reminiscent of London. It is still a great city with great people and a hella lot of great shops! Hence why, once again, after 2 days me and my fellow traveller Rachy, was broke. No more cash which meant no more shopping. But it was all good because we went on a journey to hit all of the Sneaker hot spots and found them all mwahahahah. On our travels, we went to the NSW store on Mercer Street where one of the dudes asked if I could be their 'Shoe of the Day' on the Nike Blog. Without hesitation, I said HELL YEAH! I just wished I had my Liberty Dunks on rather than these bumble-bee Terminators. Here is one of the pictures below, and the rest of the pictures are here, on the Nike Mercer Street Blog (where they also spelt my name wrong as 'Rachael'):

This is the only decent photograph, I look like a sham in the rest of them! My windbreaker zipped all the way up to prevent the chills, hair looking a mess, one glove on and one off (WTF?!, legs looking like stubs, and not forgetting the temporary safety pin hemming of my dress coming apart....THE SHAMEEE!!! (EDIT: THE PICTURE IS NOW BELOW INCASE YOU GUYS CAN'T BE BOVERED TO CLICK THIS LINK!)

I will do a more in-depth NY post soon, but I just need to filter through the hundreds of photographs! Stay tuned!

PS. Whilst I was away Yvonne from Emy Augutus gave us this:

How friggin' sweet is the illustrations?! Thank you!

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Kara from Hood and Proper, Emma from All in your Innerspace, Kay from Stitched, Rebecca from etonnant blossom and Kay from Purple Lipstick !!


Winnie said...

Welcome home! Those nikes are still amazing though, I can't wait to read all about your adventures...awesome to see you in some of the photos from Emma's blog!

superduperkya said...

goodness its sooo cold in ny.

& omg you guys mustve done heavy shopping to be broke by the 2nd day! lol.

Kay said...

AWW thanks for that love!

&& yeah idk what open thing ur talking about love lol

i hope they have them online so i can order them...

&& thats so cool they took ur pic!

Kay said...

a) Yayy you're back!! How was New York?
b) Aww thank you (:
c) Arghhh I know, it's a metal button and it just snapped, which means I always have to wear the skirt with a belt.
d) You look fine! And I think it is a true testament to your taste in trainers that you were photographed for a blog because of them
e) Thank you again (:

Martha said...

Your trainers are amazing!
welcome back too!
I can't wait to your NY post, i'd totally have run out of money too after 2 days in new york what with the impulsive shopper disorder that i have =]

Noshabelle said...

Heyhey - welcome home! I love those nikes. Looking forward to your next post about your trip..

x said...

i looovveee your blog

Anonymous said...

yay your back!
can wait to see he pics!

Rylie said...

you have a lovely blog & I love the tittle, leopard print and lace are the best <33

zoë said...

yeeee nike ♥
+ woooo hellz yes happy for you to be back !


Rebecca said...

asif nike asked you for the 'shoe of the day' thats so good!! cant belive you ran out of money, i hate it when that happens,
im sure you looked great,even with a torn dress xx

Rebecca said...

correction..' you do look great on that picture, i just looked at the website, put it on your blog,xx

stephyy said...

lol thnks for the comment luff, kicks are sick!

withasianstereotypes said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh you're adorable! I love your kicks. My brother is a total nike junkie. So, I'm guessing it rubbed off a bit haha.

mwah, China L.

kandace said...

¥ay you're back!!! Missed you :) Can't wait to see what fun you had.

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