Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Come Give Mama A Big Ol' Hugg

Haha, doesn't that picture above look like I'm about to give someone a hug?! Well, this photo is dedicated to all you guys who read, comment and show love to our blog...a big ol' hug for each and everyone of ya! I took this picture to show my amazing (I think so anyway) t-shirt I wore today; "I Love Harlem," rather than the over-killed "I Love NY" tee (which I do own and still love). 6 Days left until I get to jump on that plane to spend 6 wonderfully, exciting days in the BIG APPLE!! I cannot wait! But I feel so unprepared..what should I pack? Hows the weather? When is this stupid exchange rate going to up by at least 3 pennies so I can have those dollars in my pocket?

I am seriously in a mood to have USA themed outfits from now up until the day I get on the plane! What do you think? Sad? Well yes, I know that already, but I may as well have fun with it, no? Take the above outfit as USA themed outfit #1...and I will keep them coming, at the very least to get some laughter from it all, and to take my mind off other shitty things. Like work. I had the biggest bust-up with my new manager today. He is a FOOL and made me go nuts and lose my rag with him, when it was really unnecessary. I hate losing my temper because I get way too emotional and angry to quick, but if he wasn't being so petty none of this would have happened and I would be one of the few that like(d) him.

Anyways, surprise-surprise, another post on MESH DRESSES! I think this is turning into some freakish, S&M, type obsession now. All I really want to know is whether the dress works or not, and we have already established that the AA model most definitely doesn't, but M.I.A totally hit the nail on the head with her Holland piece (although the press disagrees and she has been horribly ridiculed).

Alice Dellal aka Miss "I-am-too-cool-for-school-and-was-really-supposed-to-be-born-in-the-90s-grunge-era." Without sounding to much like I have jumped on the IT model of the moment bandwagon, I truly love everything about Dellal, she is just so hot. Here you see her sporting said mesh dress at the Elle Style awards:

My first thoughts were, "Oh no she did not just go there" but the more I looked through the pictures of her in this particular mesh dress (which she apparently bought on Ebay!) the more I loved her in it. I think on anyone else, it would have looked just as tacky and slutty as it is. But once again Alice Dellal has shown us that she can look cool in anything she wears, be it in torn fish net tights and vintage Levi cut off's or this 'sausage skin of a dress' - as it was hilariously described by Hilary Alexander in the Telegraph. I am not sure how I can justify why I think walking out of the front door with no bra or knickers on works with this, but it does somehow. I think the tiny details such as the gold studded collar and the shoulder pads make this particular mesh dress some what likable in my eyes.

At least she has followed the ultimate rule of fashion, and that is if you show a lot of flesh in one area, make sure the rest is covered. Parts of her pelvis and crotch, along with her side bum cheeks, are pretty much fully viewable, but at least she had the decency to cover her super slender legs with those sexy thigh high stockings, right? What do you guys think?


Yvonne said...

yep the pics r from this weekend, for some odd reason, ny had a few really unseasonably warm days in the 50s. I hope you get some of those nice days when you're here.

what. the press criticized MIA. they r stupid. STUPID.

yiqin; said...

I want that skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Behind the Seams said...

very cute!

C a t r i n a said...

Soooo amazing and stunning outfit,

You have a fantastic blog :)


Anonymous said...

great outfit
and those mesh dresses are lovely but i would look so TERRIBLE!
have fun in the big apple
(i love saying that!)

sandraaa_xo said...

ugh i can't stand the outfit.
not cz of the mesh thing, i just really really don't like it

Kay said...

Ahh the I love Harlem tee! I like it.
As long as there is some coverage over her bum, I think it just about stays on the right side of slutty.
It's the details you mentioned that make it a cut above, I'm not Alice Dellal's biggest fan purely because she seems to live off her legacy but I have to admit she pulls this one off where not many others could. However notably more than the AA fiasco.

Rebecca said...

i love your cardy, the picture is so nice, the skirt!! really nice

Onetrickp0ny said...

I love your tee!
My advice pack loads of layers its freezing this time of year!

Winnie said...

Lucky you off to NY! It's a fun outfit and the tee is definitely different to the NY ones. I'm not so keen on mesh for myself but it can look pretty awesome.

Demi said...

loveee your adorable outfit! it all works so well together!
I have that skirt :)

ahh, so jealous of your trip to new york! have a fabulous time honey!


Em x said...

Hi, i just found your blog and its fab. Have a brilliant time in NY x

Kay said...


I hope this does not backfire and I end up with about two 'followers', although I feel odd calling it that as it makes me sound like some kind of weird leader person...which is a bit scary. So I've called it 'readers'.
Yours is the first blog I've followed! Feel proud.

Also thank you for your lovely words (:
Of course I read what you write, your writing style is so good! People who just look at the pictures are missing out.

sandraaa_xo said...

i need to start searching up on all those student loans etc i'm just lazzy. and thanks for the heads up will deffo have a look in the camden h&m. i tend to not go in there much because i just usually hate the stuff in that h&m for some reason.

i hope you have a fab time in new york! i am jealous!

Rebecca said...

i feel the same about not throwing clothes away, my mum wore so many nice things, and then i used to wear lace loads years ago, and i got rid of it all, we all just need a spare room to put it all in haha xxxx

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