Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Super Duper Kick-a-Licks

The official first post about my eternal love, my long term beau('s?), my passion - TRAINERS. AKA Kick-a-licks/ Crepz/Sneakers (I won't be using this - I'm not American).

I have a severe obsession and it makes people I know mad but makes me a happy noodle. I adore them to the point that I know own over 50 pairs. OK, so it is not that much compared to some addicts but it is a lot for me. I have been through stages of shamefully buying 3 pairs a week. However, due to the shame, I did return one of the three. Which I am glad I did as I got a better pair the week after (^_^). Happy Noodle. I wrote a 3000 word feature for my uni coursework about my love and it was the most fun 3000 words I have ever written. Ever.

I wear them with everything and anything, although through much protest from Stephie-Pie. She seems to hold this view that trainers and a skirt/dress would not look good. But I do not listen and do it anyway (See pic). I may grow out of it, But, I may not (I am 19 going on 20 now...).

Let me introduce everyone to the latest member:

(Excuse the photoshop-ing, I tried my very best and this is my first collage-y picture!) Cardy: Primark (£4), Vest/Dress (the one i'm refering to in Lohan's Leggings): H&M (£9.99), Skirt(previously a top) Uni Qlo: £2.50, Trainers: Nike AF1 (£75)

This, Ladies and Gents is one of the four fabulous AF1 Quickstrike Colourpack. Released in the USA late April, they finally arrived in the UK early May (why are we always so late?). I got them last week after accidently finding them...accidental finds are the best. I've been eyeing them up on the net for months and never thought that I would get them, as I never find the kick-a-licks I see online. I was going to wait till my holiday to New York to pick them up but no need as I found them here! Apparently they are quite limited but I don't care as long as I got mine it is all good. They were a tad expensive and I could have saved a tenner or so if I waited, but who likes waiting?

Here are the rest of the colours:

Photo from here


Rollergirl said...

Yes but if you wear them everyday then they're practically a bargain, non?

Rachie-Pie said...

Welll....I have a rota for my trainers...and I urm..match it as close as possible to my outfits...and I may ACCIDENTLY forget I own a certain pair if I buy new ones. A vicious circle I tell you!

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